Young Thug – Danny Glover

blame it on Illy January 17, 2014

The joint that has Drake and Yeezy standing on couches and tables looks to have finally been officially serviced the right way. Though the TM88 and Southside-produced joint leaked back in November, “Danny Glover” can now be downloaded legitimately at DJ Service Pack. Hear it below, courtesy of theFADER.

  • ear2ear

    ummm 2dopeboyz, y’all do know that Yasiin Bey (Mos Def) is having one of the illest moments we’ve seen in hip-hop right now and there’s not even a word about it on here? Haha.

    • NoWuff

      Where’s that at?

  • Jay

    This song is shit tho…

  • drewsmit24

    Damn this is what our brightest artist are celebrating? A terrible Future/Wayne/Migos imitation?

    • Alonzo

      people can’t enjoy themselves anymore i guess, they at the club they’re supposed to be listening to Talib Kweli? I swear y’all act like y’all have perfect lives and ain’t normal on this site smh

      • MrCrockett_510

        I don’t want to listen to this trash at the club either nigga

        • Alonzo

          you rather hear swimming pools all night lame as nigga

  • Cobain Cicero Hendrixhoon

    Absolute TRASH! Drake and Yeezy HAVE TO PROMOTE HIM…why? Cuz they’re TOLD TO DO SO. They are slaves to the industry and have to perpetuate ignorance and support trash cuz the uneducated people will gobble it up. 4 comments…4 proper comments. THIS IS GARBAGE.

    • Scott Williams

      Go suck krs ones dick faggot

    • Ghost Of Len Bias

      lolol you have no clue how the music industry works…

    • Michael Di Gennaro

      How about this. you go and make three classics (I’m talking about Ye, of course), then you can listen to whatever the fuck you want in the club, yeah?

  • drunkbear

    Uhh….I don’t get it. This is weak and juvenile sounding; Drewsmit right on with the description.

  • RealWorldSteve

    Really? I officially no longer give a fuck about Drizzy or Yeezy’s opinion…on anything at all…forever!

    • Selorm Amuzu

      who told you to look at Drizzy and Yeezy for their opinion anyways lool

  • Chris M

    *sigh* I really wish Southside worked with better rappers

  • KJtheking30

    I’m all for the turn up. Really feeling this song.

  • Ghost Of Len Bias

    Damn, 2DBZ doesn’t like the thugger. Shame.

  • You dumb ass niggas calling this song trash know absolutely NOTHING about rap music or flow patterns….This dude’s cadence and flow pattern is SICK!!!!

    • RealWorldSteve

      While completely entitled to your opinon, and in my obligation to defend to the death your right to have it…I just don’t hear it…maybe it’s “sick” according to your personal taste, that you very well share with others, but it’s just not doing it for a majority of cats commenting here. It’s just not.

      • I’m a musician,,,,I play Jazz…..From a musical standpoint his rhythmic patterns are CRAZY…Watch how many rappers try to imitate it…

        • John Carter

          watch how many rappers imitate it? This as all ready been done! typical southern trap. like smh. c’mon.

        • Ghost Of Len Bias

          This is what a LOT of people don’t get about the current southern wave, Ryan. Artists like Thugger, Migos, and Cap 1 are doing things RHYTHMICALLY with their cadences that are challenging. This isn’t Joe-Schmo rap.

          • NoWuff

            Very true. It’s the same with guys like Gunplay and Rich Homie Quan

  • disqus_pyrGXaSTDx

    1. pick a famous person, 2. make a simple punchline using famous persons name, 3. base whole song around punchline.

  • Ohms

    why y’all mad? this shit goes!

  • Selorm Amuzu

    Last I checked, Drake and Kanye was enjoying the track they didn’t promote it tho… and truth be told this is dope, it is what it is. If you actually sat down with a lot of rappers and asked what they have on their iPod, you might end up getting surprised. Also who told you to use Drake or Yeezy as a standard for who you should be listening to lol

  • SonSon

    this is better than stoner

  • MrDRiceJr

    This shit hype. It plays its role.