ScHoolboy Q – Break The Bank (prod. Alchemist)

blame it on Meka January 20, 2014

And just as the artwork drops, Q and Al revisit their Habits & Contradictions roots on this latest offering from Oxymoron. Dropping February 25th, the album is available for pre-orders on iTunes. Doing so will get you an instant download of “Break the Bank,” “Man of the Year,” “Yay Yay” and “Collard Greens” with Kendrick Lamar.

  • ChristianFGY

    TDE you’re doing it again!

  • wat


  • Jay Daniels

    This album going to be so crack

  • LoveOverEverything

    holy good god

    I’m crying tears of joy fam

    • mega mega

      9 guest votes huh?


      I hope you’re a female

  • LIV3



  • Iwant2know

    Has oxymoron been leaked? This shit FIRE btw!

  • fruizm


  • PV

    Uncle Al and Puff. Deadly combination

  • SonSon

    yeah this is tough enough to make me want Oxymoron now

    • gaint ball

      I bet he does Pusha T numbers…which isn’t too bad

      • HeruthaGod (Original N-G-R)

        Depending on how hard TDE goes for promotion within the next month I think Q could do 175-205,000 first week.

        • He will not do them numbers if he do I be surprise.

        • Pat Booy

          205,000? LOL! naw he’s gonna do from 75-90K….wishful thinking

          • HeruthaGod (Original N-G-R)

            I clearly stated that’s the max he may get. And Q is not doing no damn 75K he’ll hit at least 85-95K first week.

          • Pat Booy

            Do you not realize you just did the same thing i did LOL! I clearly stated that 75 was the minimum! and your acting like 85 is really far from 75, if you stop being a fanboy for just a sec maybe you can see how stupid you sound…How did your numbers go from 175-205,000 to 85-95K??? LOL! b/c you realized how stupid your first comment was smh bye kidoe LMFAO!

          • HeruthaGod (Original N-G-R)

            Far from a fanboy, I admit my first numbers are a bit of a far stretch but I think Q could do it. People act like he has barely any fans, them white college kids gone show & support when the album drops. Lol don’t try to play me fuck boy

          • JohnDoe916

            he’d probably get 50-60k.

          • BCE

            I think y’all are forgetting Q has already got a platinum plaque.. 25k preorders compared to GKMC’s 17.5k.. even Mac Miller sold 100k first week coming up against Ye and Cole.. Think rationally

      • nyc22

        Childish did 96K albums first week. His “single” (3005) had only sold about 22K up until the release of Because The Internet. “Collard Greens” has sold almost 250K so far… just some “food” for thought.

  • SpeakingHarshTruth

    Let’s cut through the hype for a second.

    – An average beat by Alc’s standard. Basic, repetitive piano loop.
    – Q has the laziest hooks in Rap. 95% same flow every verse, not really saying much new (crip, sold drugs, weed etc etc)

    Average overall.

    • MidKnightMaRawder

      You’re so smart and clever, the internet needs more people like you.

      • Ohms



      His ‘average’ songs are still more listenable than a lot of other rappers

      • Alonzo

        Nigga no

        • CJ AKA GODSSON

          Nigga yes

          • Alonzo

            regardless he still average.

          • CJ AKA GODSSON

            You cant say Habits N Contradictions isnt a dope album

          • Terry.

            niggas and bitches hatin on Q discography and skills. when no rapper can’t compete directly against him. since brand new guy the new reign is untouchable. i’m talkin bout rap,not about mainstream shit. niggas can dick ride magna carta holy grail and at the same time be so sensitive with yeezus and despise Q. i’m amazed

          • CJ AKA GODSSON

            I think a lot of the hate for Q is because some people feel like everyone dickrides TDE. Which a lot of people do dickride them, but they’re making the dopest music right now. Niggas need to chill

          • Terry.

            thank u gods son. you my favorite for tell the truth

          • CJ AKA GODSSON

            Thats what i do

    • david

      Yeah but he’s associated with Kendrick so you gotta blindly worship him and bump everything he puts out, otherwise the c-section will think you like Soulja Boy

    • Mez D

      The way I take it is yeah he mostly raps about that same shit, but its unique and sounds dope he brings that rough gangsta shit. But he can still switch it up and actually have bars or spit some real shit.
      And you can’t say Collard Greens and Man of the year aren’t dope ass fun songs, which is still an important part of music.

    • curtlsj

      i wont knock your opinion, but he switches the flow up multiple times in this song

  • MusicHead


    • marty mcfly

      AOTY already? Really? I think you better go check what kinda firepower is coming out this year before you say that. This song is cool though, ALC is DOPE. Just heard that Lord Steppington and that was crazy. I know Directors Of Photography and The Ecology is gonna be ridiculous…

      • MusicHead

        Def hype for Ross project & Lupe’s..but imma ride Q w/ ATOY unless Kendrick drop again.

        • So what’s ATOY? Cause Q damn sure not getting album of the year in 2014..

          • MusicHead

            He’s getting ATOY. Period. Bye.

          • disqus_xpmwx1oUV3


        • CJJ

          Lupe > Q > Ross

  • Q!!!!

  • DarkWingDuck

    Thanks Q

  • Pasm

    Yeah its ok, not epic but decent. Probably won’t be listening to it years from now.

  • skidrowent

    dope cover

  • Boomer

    This, Collard Greens, and Man Of The Year are all fire. Yay Yay and MOSHPIT had me worried, but I think that Oxymoron will be a very good project.

  • Gras Aap

    This go hard as fuck

  • nickbododo

    Hell yeah! Motherfucking Schoolboy Q!

  • Ohms

    quick! to audiomack! i need this track!

  • joesay

    I like it , does sound a lot like the beat used in wiz Kalifa & 50 cent track called telescopes

  • Isaac

    I’m not even a big fan of Q and this song got me anticipating the album.

  • nicoswebaby

    Oooh Puffy you make me go bananas, just one more month!

    • jordan

      thats some homo shit

      • Terry.

        don’t be so sensitive ass girl

      • nicoswebaby

        wow, a man can’t anticipate another mans album anymore without being gay? shoulda worn a jimmy 12 years ago jordan’s dad

  • AndOneill

    Yeaaaahhh!!! This is nice, should be a good album, alc heat as always!!

  • Selorm Amuzu

    This is Mean !!!! Actual Ski-Mask music !!!!!!

  • cam

    This is amazingly GOOOOOOOOD!!!!!!

  • Guest

    wooow nigga west coast is back

  • illsupra

    dope track…..beat coulda been better…..ALC kinda disappointed with this one when compared to his usual heat…

  • jordan

    this got niggas wet over here. u guys are stans on another level tho. Finally some nice rap..this shits on his first single “BANGERZ”

  • thatrandomguy

    The official artwork for this track.

  • Terry.

    i swear…….so much hipsters, gay ass hipsters in here.

    the beat knocks and schoolboy q destroyed it. that level of agression? oh boy

  • Joshua

    Alchemist is just destroying hip hop right now.

    • Cobain Cicero Hendrixhoon

      Alchemist has BEEN destroying hip hop for more than a decade. Where you been

      • Joshua

        I’ve been listening to Alchemist.

  • SleepyTheGreat

    This Shit Is Raw, So Far The Songs I’ve Heard Don’t Really Have A lot of Commercial Appeal…..Which is Key.

  • Crystalweed

    GTA V need this track

  • ilamarca

    BANGER isnt even on the iTunes deluxe (or normal) pre-order tracklist. Is that just a throwaway? Its got an official video I’m surprised its not available like the other 4.

    • exposure

      It might be, just like “Hell of a Night” which leaked some time ago.

  • I’ve heard that Q verse before.
    Dope song, though.


    Q!!!! Oxymoron one month away! gotta support the homie this track jammin

  • Alonzo

    Y’all really going to act like this nigga gonna have album of the year smh. Man of the Year is dope, but Kendrick destroyed this nigga on Collard Greens and all his other singles are average y’all only hyping it cuz its TDE y’all gotta stop that shit or music is gonna end up average and thats gonna be the best we gonna get

  • Terry.

    best rapper alive.

  • biff tannen

    Song is straight but anyone claiming AOTY after hearing this or any of his other songs is a hypebeast.

  • Scott77Abe

    Chance The Rapper called – he wants his flow back.

  • Trizzy

    Is it too much to want Q and ALC to do a collab album? I’m sorry but if he can dedicate a whole slew of beats to Domo Genesis’ mediocre ass he can at least do an LP with Puffy.