50 Cent & Fat Joe Collaborate On New Song, DJ Kay Slay’s “Free Again”

blame it on Meka January 21, 2014
50 cent fat joe

No, this isn’t a blend or a joke. The two former adversaries – who called a truce a few years back at the BET Hip Hop Awards – actually collaborated on a song. Kay Slay brought the two together for this new offering from his upcoming Rhyme Or Die album.

  • Ghost Of Len Bias

    Action Bronson > Fat Joe

    • PV

      nah youre trippin’

    • Enjoyer of Music

      why was Action Bronson even brought up? But nah you’re still wrong.

    • Pasm

      You’re clearly new to the hip hop genre. You’ll probably deny it but that’s the only way your comment makes sense (unless you’re trolling)

      • Ghost Of Len Bias

        @disqus_YW5CNI2tv5:disqus, It was about 85% troll. Fat Joe was definitely one of my favorite artists back in the J.O.S.E days, but I haven’t really dug a track in the time between Lean Back and Another Round. I knew the purists would pounce hah.

        @enjoyerofmusic:disqus, maybe it’s because I’m from the South, but the NY x Fat guy accent triggered “WHERE IS ACTION BRONSON” when I started the track.

        • Pasm

          Mystery solved

    • CJJ

      Bronson is GFK wannabe
      Joey Crack got classics

  • Desmond dez Morris

    This is the 50 Cent I remember. I see Joey Crack still got it.

  • DOOP
    • Shapey

      yea yea we get it, now beat it Doop…

  • $48291066

    this is hot

  • whoa

  • Shapey


  • ATK

    Isn’t Fat Joe in Jail?

    • wat

      Because it had to be RECORDED today to be released today

      • datbul


      • ATK

        Your jumping the gun…all I asked was if he was in jail. I never mentioned anything about the song or how it came out today if he is in jail. For all we know they could have recorded this back in 2005…

        • Bizzy

          bruh he’s been out since thanksgiving

        • AK

          Kanye wasn’t ranting in 2005, fif wasn’t fucking with joe that far back, so shit listen to the whole song before commenting

        • wat

          Lol, well how could you blame me for jumping the gun? No hard feelings.

      • Prince Akeem


  • Bizzy

    The big stories here are Fat Joe and 50 Cent being on a song together as well as 50’s Kanye diss …BUT can we talk about how fucking nice this beat is?

  • Bizzy

    The big stories here are Fat Joe and 50 Cent being on a song together as well as 50’s Kanye diss …BUT can we talk about how fucking nice this beat is?

  • killa

    this shit is crazy!!!!! New York New York ! I Love My City.

  • Prince Akeem

    If you play word association with 50 cent and the word is “bullshit”, studies have shown that 18 times out of a twenty he will say “full clip”

    • krow132


    • TrueGem17

      yep, just like “Push me” and “Pussy”.

  • JaffarR

    50 Cent totally murdered this track. Great collaboration.

  • hiphopanon

    *obligatory* freeway – free (prod by just blaze) >

  • hobbes

    just threw on my g-unit wife beater, pelle pelle, and yayo danced to this shit

  • marty mcfly

    DOPE !!!

  • Ohms

    50 should put his pride aside and collabo with the rest of the homies. this is a good step.

  • CJJ

    Next collabo
    50 x Game

    • Ill Son

      Hol’ up, that’s NOT going to happen. Pull back ya brakes lil whoady…

  • Terry.


  • SleepyTheGreat

    Honestly, I Was Bored With Joe’s Verse. 50 Killed That Shit Though.

  • ✨Mister Draper

    I found the explicit/no tags version from info’s site:
    apologies if links aren’t allowed.