Eminem & Calvin Johnson, Kendrick Lamar & Chris Paul, And Nikki Minaj & Kobe Bryant Cover ESPN’s Music Issue

blame it on Meka January 21, 2014

ESPN will release another “Music Issue” in the coming days, and the names you see above will be the first things you see when you peruse an issue. Check the mall out up top and below.

kendrick-lamar-chris-paul-espn nikki-minaj-kobe-bryant-espn
  • The butched Nikki hard!

  • Jo

    For some reason Kobe looks so out of place.

    • PV

      its the outfit and fake smile lol

  • SleepyTheGreat

    Nikki’s Face Look Weird,

    • I think she actually looks normal for once. She doesn’t have a shitload of make-up on.

      • SleepyTheGreat

        Maybe That’s It. She Looks Like Another Person

  • solis91

    That Calvin Johnson Eminem cover is the best one as far as best athlete and musician duo.

  • Ya Boy Brook #OnePieceSqaud

    They forgot to photoshop Nicki’s face

  • fonzo517

    why wouldn’t they get mello for the nikki cover, I mean em+calvin=Detroit, cp3+lamar=la/Compton. so since nikkis from ny why wouldn’t they get somebody from over there?

    • Saugdenstock

      Dr Dre preferably

      • Evan Boland

        Dr. Dre is from LA you FUCKING RETARD

        • Saugdenstock

          As you clearly need further explaining – pair Kobe with Dre. On the other hand.. you would be a perfect match for that stupid bitch

          • Evan Boland

            I’d be down