• Prince Akeem

    its funny how no one gave a fuck about big boi's solo album which dropped december 2012, yet now they all wanna act like they actually give a shit. smh

    • Saugdenstock

      it is still one of my most favorite albums in recent years...

    • SleepyTheGreat

      Agreed, The Fact That Big Boi Has Two "Solo" Albums, is Still Relatively Unknown By A lot of Folks

    • Mez D

      Vicious Lies still gets CONSTANT rotation from me.

    • cam

      Agreed! Both albums are FIRE!!! Vicious Lies &Dangerous Rumors still gets some rotation.

  • gaint ball

    Clipse >

    • AmIDickRidingyet

      What does saying "Just my opinion" do? If you're allowed to have your opinion, other people are allowed to have theirs. What do you think will happen when you post something that not everybody agrees on?

      • Prince Akeem

        i think he was just making it clear that he wasnt trying to bait or provoke people into a debate. though I still dont know what clipse has anything to do with this story.

      • f3hfenbf

        I see you're new to the internet

        • AmIDickRidingyet

          you made an account just to say that?

  • dominik19

    imagine they make it like beyonce did with her visual album.. it won't be like that but imagine waking up the next day and hearing about a new OUTKAST album

    • CJJ

      or Detox, but then again it would def leak, people couldn't keep it quiet, too much anticipation for a 'Kast or Dre album

  • ear2ear

    I actually want a solo 3000 album more than I want an Outkast album. I would love to hear what a 3000 HIP-HOP album sounds like. I appreciate the Love Below as a pop / funk venture and thought it was great, but "A Life in the Day of Benjamin Andre (Incomplete)," was almost like a tease at the end of that album. Just a barrage of bars and storytelling that left me wanting more. I hope he picks up where he left off and goes that route on the solo album.

  • ATK

    Or maybe they are just doing another Speakerboxxx/The Love Below album where is is basically 2 solo projects in one album...

  • http://crvck.com ONMY88SHiT

    Obviously I would love to see it happen but anyone that's expecting an Outkast album is setting themselves up for disappointment. And if it were to happen I'm pretty sure it wouldn't drop in 2014 anyway.