• Big V

    This sounds pretty good actually.



  • Crystalweed

    Its an anthem when I rant, fuck you think I am, Kanye?
    I had them wearing vests, now these niggas wear dresses

  • KyleAnthony‚ô¨

    This is too dope. 2014 is off to a good start

  • Ryan

    Have to agree - pretty dope track regardless of who had beef with whom.

  • http://insite.bandcamp.com/ IN_SITE

    fire that good nyc sound http://insite.bandcamp.com/

  • NoWuff

    Hip Hop is alive and well

  • Techspit Blogspot

    DITC Joe and How To Rob 50 showed up on this track. This track gave me shivers. This is how NYC will come back commercially, doing them. Fuck radio.

    • DatN-word