• MidKnightMaRawder

    Holy Poop, I want this now

    • nyc22


  • KyleAnthony♬

    Ill definitely be checking this when it drops

  • Techspit Blogspot

    Just spit content man, don't tell me about New Balances and Asics, speak to me like Black Thought did in the 90's or you did on your first mixtape and albums.

  • who cares

    I was excited until I read the little section from the interview. Now I'm just skeptical.

  • Ryan

    illest in the game right now

  • YoloSwaggins

    Action is so dope. I hope he gets big and bad as fuck and never stops dropping that gourmand knowledge. Bringing a type of class/culture to rap never before seen.

  • http://chicago-escorts.co/ Rabbani310

    Very nice. Great POP. http://www.rockybeats.com



  • fonzo517

    we'll see...