• datbul

    Not too good.

  • jordan

    buck was nice i admit

  • jordan

    papoose thinks his big l

  • jordan

    no lloyd banks on the whole mixtape?

  • BentleyBoi

    Kay slay bringing tht heat!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jae Brown

    where dat NODJ tho?!?!

    • KanYe2tha


  • vaci

    The Game, Young Buck and 50 on the same project is news in itself.

  • who cares

    A little disappointing to be honest, but it's not terrible.

  • gzdehb

    this tape is dope

  • disqus_pyrGXaSTDx

    beat sucks

    • KanYe2tha

      but GAME went in. YB went in that nigga is gonna put in work he has hunger you haven't heard in 50 in years. papoose was dope but he doesn't have the same polished flow as the former 2. awkward delivery, imo. he said some shit tho

  • fonzo517

    whole tape was pretty good

  • Vito17

    track 4 OMG!!!

    • espyy

      Was posted days ago

  • big nelly

    Did YB just diss Kendrick? YAAAAAAAAAAAA

  • spaceeghost

    this clean as hell, I'm really happy Young Buck coming back spitting as hard as he been... need a mixtape asap.