Murs & Curtiss King - Shut Your Trap (Mixtape)

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Mur$ and I.E. producer Curti$$ King join forces on Shut Your Trap. Described as a "backpacker's adventure into the world of trap music," the six-track project is available for stream/download below.

I love hip hop. I love rap. So to me, the Top 2 albums of the year are Run The Jewels and Young Rich Niggas by Migos. That's my dichotomy. That's my balance. I've always been like that. Personally, no disrespect to anybody, but I've never heard the whole Black Star album. I don't know that type of hip hop. I grew up on E-40. I'm an at-risk youth from the inner city, but I make backpack music because I did read and my mother stressed being educated.

I guess I'm from the trap and I'm making trap music. To me, it's a genre I respect. I don't like a lot of backpack rap. I don't like a lot of trap music. There's not one genre of music that has a bunch of good rappers. There's a bunch of motherfuckers biting me and especially biting [beeeep] right now. Some of them are blowing up off of us. Some of them aren't. And I'm supposed to like that just because it's backpack or just because it's conscious? No. Fuck that. It's not creative. You're still an artist and you're failing. I don't care if you got a positive message. If you suck, you suck. I'm just doing me and having fun.

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DOWNLOAD: Murs & Curtiss King - Shut Your Trap (Mixtape)

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  • ChristianFGY

    MURS AND CURTISS KING ON TRAP BEATS?!!! Yo this really made my day.

  • shake

    "Mo$ Def" is my shit right now.

    • Guest

      I've heard he's been doing some dope stuff. Is there anything else recently besides this?

  • hiphopanon

    ohh so this is why he broke up the living legends...

  • Pizza Steve

    This turned out really dope. Murs did his thing!


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