Saturday Night Sexy: Chantel Jeffries

blame it on Illy January 25, 2014

Twitter: @ChantelJeffries | Instagram: chanteljeffries

Earlier this week, Justin Bieber got popped drag racing under the influence with an unregistered license. The chick he was partying with? Wilhelmina model Chantel Jeffries. After taking a look at some of the shots below, we sort of understand…

chantel-jeffries_01 chantel-jeffries_02 chantel-jeffries_03 chantel-jeffries_04 chantel-jeffries_05 chantel-jeffries_06 chantel-jeffries_07 chantel-jeffries_08 chantel-jeffries_09 chantel-jeffries_10

Photo by Ace of LA.

  • BathSaltZ0mbie .

    Ok, 1st off yes i would still fuck, but something off about this brawd. She got some Drake ass eyebrows for one. Maybe its her hair or lack of TNA.. Not sure, but I have no problems sticking my dick in it tho, but thats not saying much.


    • wat

      Her head does look a bit weird in some pics but she’s still fine as fuck lol

      • Lord

        Lmaooo. Her head is all sorts of weird shaped.

  • Ace Hood’s Rollie

    lol, dont let make up fool you

    • wat

      Makeup is the fucking devil. Shit

    • Jordan

      Exactly the reason why I prefer women of color

      • disqus_xpmwx1oUV3

        She is obviously a woman of color, I see some African elements probably American.

    • AmIDickRidingyet

      Look like somebody already hit before Beiber

  • vaci

    Meh. Not a good selection, my friend. Maybe next time.

  • BiL AL

    Bitches aint shit without make up, fake hair, implants etc etc, they need to be sued for false advertisement

  • Guest

    damn, she madd overrated

  • CJJ

    You guys went on a hot streak last 3-4 weeks and now you come with this shit smh, my bitch is hotter

    • Anthony Stark

      yo girl hotter, but you stay looking at these every saturday for the last 3-4 weeks?? man im just saying shit aint adding up. let yo girl be on here next saturday then

      • CJJ

        ill ask her, not sure if she’s ready to do that tho but i’ll try haha

  • Kay’bee Nodice

    They should start callin this “Lame dudes judge bad girls Saturday”

  • i’ll pass on this bitch

  • she not the baddest chick to be posted but nice legs tho

  • Guest

    Beiber is looking like a buster at this point, got a DUI in a RENTED ferrari with THIS girl? He takes an L for this one…

  • d-bo

    This bitch takes an L for fuckin with Bieber. Gold diggin azz hoe. How you go from DeSean Jackson to faggot Bieber and say you don’t just fuck rich dudes? I mean, yea, she look aiight, but ain’t fuckin you unless you famous, so FDB.

  • Enrique Pena

    So fucking sexy af