Silent Knight & The Band Called FUSE – Soul Rock Anthem (Video)

blame it on JES7 January 25, 2014

Silent Knight and The Band Called Fuse (who I’ll admit I’ve been sleeping on heavy) come through with a set of visuals for “Soul Rock Anthem.” Backed with distorted guitars and thick drums, SK spits gems on some Rage Against the Machine-ish, if Rage were hardcore Hip-Hop heads. Check out their archive of past releases here.

  • Xman X Hansen

    Nothing but love!

  • DaToasta

    Hard-hitting joint.

  • SK

    Much thanksMuch

  • RonObvious

    Finally givin’ the drummer some!!

  • Rose Hope

    So effing excited! the vid is dope! love it cant wait for more from fuse. they always rock my world.. soul rocka for life! <3

  • Segan Cline

    FUSE!!! <3

  • doseofdkadnt

    The talent of FUSE is legendary… #SoulRocka FOR LIFE

  • Danny Dzurilla

    Soul rockers! Great song from an amazing band!

  • Kayleigh Lazar

    Yes! THIS is what I like to see. Ppl need to check Fuse out.. especially live.. their shows are poppin and full of energy. Every time I come out I enjoy myself and meet so many other local artists there showing support. This movement is so positive.. it’s gret news for music. So much talent. Truly.

  • Selina

    From the screams of X’s guitar strings,to the depth of Toasts’ bass, to the trance inducing melodies escaping Ith’s keys, to the BANGBANG of Pocketts drums, to Cloq’s realness and delivery, to K Dez’s range from soft to sultry to powerful, to SK’s lyricism and potency, this ENTIRE band DELIVERS. And this video? Proof the Soul Rock movement is far from letting up anytime soon. Great work!!

  • Bill Winters WildBillmojo-com

    Feelin the groove and energy from this sick sick drummer

  • Dana Victoria Fincher-Nuss

    Sounds awesome…..go get it!

  • Chanel Ward-Richardson

    We call it Soul Rock! We <3 FUSE!

  • cheryl

    Love the vibe.. amazing!!

  • Mala Sookdeo

    These people (The Band Called Fuse) they’re building pyramids with this music. And they’re not just doing it for me. They’re doing it for my children too. How dope is that? PRETTY DAMN DOPE! I did an interview with them awhile back on ! There’s layers of goodness to these folks! #SoulRock #RiseTogether

  • Joseph Richardson

    The match has been struck and FUSE is lit!!!!

  • Jennifer Hamblin

    LOVE LOVE LOVE !!!!(did I mention LOVE?;) )

  • tjsims082

    More Bands Like FUSE need to be in the main stream (on the radio, on MTV/MTV2/Vh1/MuchMusic, headlining MSG and other major concert venues), cause their music makes the world a better place. Show them your love and support!!

  • Barrington Christopher

    Soul rockers, rise up! FUSE has been doing their thing for a while now. It’s good to see that the fruits of their labor are being acknowledged positively.

  • kyan

    dope doesnt cut it, SK is PHENOMenal

    • Fran$uave

      Dude is RIDIC on the Mic.

  • Pro Patman

    Im feelin the energy on this! Gotta see it live!

    • Rose Hope

      they rock it live!!

  • Kai

    These guys are amazing. They create great music, they work to build the scene. They’re everything that hip-hop needs right now.

  • Eric Cunningham

    Love ya’ll Soul Rockas……Boom…..

  • Eric HipHop Oldhead

    The Band called FUSE is Dope!! #SoulRockasUnite

  • Rachael Krane

    Yes yes FUSE! Feelin it. Video is great–takin it to the next level!!

  • James

    Glad to see The Band Called FUSE getting their props. Great video! These guys are really passionate about music, not just Hip Hop, Rock, Soul… Lots of things, and it shows in their unique sound. They’re working really hard and create platforms for other artists too! Rock!

  • Javier Rodriguez

    the visuals accompany the audio so perfectly, great job as always from the team..

  • Dave

    Sooooo good!

  • Bishop Nappyhead

    fuse effin rocks I often say this…..Love to see these brothas on stage……im looking at at Silent knight of course but there is something about the way x-man plays that guitar man..the intensity on his face….and pockets……pockets…man that man gets nasty on those drums

  • Cuqui

    Sendin Luv to the whole Fuse Family & 2 Dope Boyz for reppin.. Luv is Luv.. Pay Attention World.. They Comin Up Quck!!
    DJ Lady C… Xit 9 NJ ;-)..

  • Jennifer Jones

    Love it. So proud of these guys. Awesome band and if you think the video is impressive you should see them in person…. can you say talented!!!

  • Cheryl L. Romano

    Love Fuse!!! They are so real, get in their zones, live performances are off the chain and bam…..this video is dope. Love the visuals too. Continue to follow your dream and I will be there right beside you.

  • karishma chawla

    DOPE lyrics, music, video. FUSE’s new song is refreshing and innovative. The energy of this band is unparalleled – especially during one of their shows. Speaking of which, when’s the next gig????? I’m fiending!!!

    • Fran$uave

      Sat Feb 1st in NYC @ Sidewalk Cafe. Free show, Fuse hosts a hip hop open mic/jam showcase called “The Line Up” every first Sat of the month there. The open cyphers get legendary to watch and listen to. Dope timez

      • Rose Hope

        love the lineupppppp! :)

  • shm these comments below seem fake

    • Rose Hope

      just cause we for real dig the music? psh.. this scene is one of the dopest things going on in ny. good people, great music. you should check them out.

  • Fran$uave

    This shit goes real heavy on my monitors. #wedontplaynobullshit

  • JimmyD39

    CHEA!! That’s the anthem, getchya damn hands UP!!!

  • E.L.P.J.


  • nash336

    Absolutely LOVE this band!

  • Feliza Monaliza

    FUSE is the kind of band that the world needs to see more of! They’ve got a killer sound, powerful social consciousness in their lyrics, and hella talented musicianship. They should be sharing a stage with U2. C’mon Bono! Get on this!!!

  • Design Mongrel

    Damn he mustve shout the blog out for all these comments lol