Beyonce’s New Album Gets ‘Chopped-Not-Slopped’ by DJ Candlestick

blame it on Shake January 27, 2014
beyonce purple

Earlier tonight, Beyonce took the stage with JAY Z at the GRAMMYs to perform “Drunk in Love” for the first time ever. Shortly before though, DJ Candlestick released the official ‘Chopped-Not-Slopped’ version of YONCE’s self-titled LP. Fix up that purple sprite and press play below.

DOWNLOAD: Beyonce – Chopyonce

  • I run Zamunda!

    2dopeboyz needs to bring back the whole thumbs up and thumbs down thing. I want to click on thumbs down for the idea of chopping and screwing this album.

    • Alonzo

      …an another thing, Beyonce is from Houston. Why in the FUCK would this not get chopped and screwed?

      • I run Zamunda!

        This sounds like hot garbage. Got Beyonce sounded like a monster. I’ll pass on this horrible idea.

  • Alonzo

    I like it better without the thumbs down bcuz people can hear things without seeing it being judged first by a whole bunch of bandwagoning people. The internet gave commenters and regular people the power to make them feel as if they’re opinions are facts and they are far from that. I love this album I love Chopped music, my family is from Houston and I respect that you don’t like it but at the same time you thumbing this down will only make you feel better for what? how will that help you other than making you feel impotent. How about do something important or help someone then maybe you won’t be worried about thumbs down or what people think about this album.

  • Nick

    I’ll tell you what’s HOT GARBAGE…That fuckin LiveMixtapes Player. Shit rarely works for me when I’m trying to peep shit on this site.