Isaiah Rashad – Menthol f. Jean Deaux

blame it on Meka January 27, 2014

Isaiah’s TDE debut, Cilvia, drops tonight at midnight, but you can enjoy the smooth stylings of the Sounwave-produced track nine from the project now. Take a listen below and check out the recap of TDE’s Fan Appreciation show from last night in Hollywood.

  • HOW DARE this dude drop his first publicized ep on Itunes? lol

    • Guess when you got TDE backin and publicizing you, then ya can pretty much do that…lol I’d pay for it. Especially if it’s under 10. Just judgin from what I’ve heard so far and dude’s general talent on the mic, I can tell it’s gonna be a good one. Some shit to vibe out to, some shit to ride out to.

      • Hope its not a waste…

        • Jeffrey Lewis II

          Its out now. Everywhere.

    • hiphopanon

      if youre creating quality content you should ALWAYS charge… i dont care what industry youre in.. and as for hip hop, all this free shit is killing the genre

      • Only thing killing the indusrty is whack music

        • hiphopanon

          when upstanding dope rapper x cant sell his music, he goes and gets a job.. now music is part time to him.

          wack unethical rapper y makes his money selling poison to the community with no day job… is able to give music away for free and market his wackness fulltime.

          you can see how the environment of free music entitlement encourages wack music.

          • Maybe true but a large group of people like whack (destructive) music.. It all about marketing

          • hiphopanon

            well how about when a soulful project like this drops we show support like “proud to pay” as opposed to (albeit sarcastically) complaining about an itunes release

          • i will buy .. if good lol.. I commend him making money though… Its just people barely know for who he is… Hope he makes a lot.

          • carl watkins

            The realest shit I’ve ever heard in regards to the declining state of hiphop musicslity, artist are forever forgoing the idea of producing quality music that stands the test of time, it’s not the aim for them anymore, alot of them are compromising their artistic integrity and it’s sad.


    cilvia is gonna be dope. i can feel it

  • Stian Nicolaysen

    Cilvia can lowkey be one of the best projects dropping in 2014. All the joints that have dropped until now has been quality.

  • Boomer

    Cilvia already leaked… shits pretty damn good! Definitely gonna be worth a purchase

  • spaceeghost

    I believe Cilvia will definitely be worth it, I will gladly pay for it.

  • LaFlame

    Dope song but don’t call it a banger..cause its not

    • Pizza Steve

      Shut up.

  • Pizza Steve

    Hell yea!! I been waiting for this project, its gonna be crazy dope!

  • xastey

    I’ll wait for it to drop tonight to give this a listen

  • this dude remind me of a less dynamic kendrick lamar. I just dont feel like he’s very distinguished. idk just me. every artist in TDE is super different. But kendrick lamar could do a song over this same instrumental, and i feel like it would just be a better song. Imo

  • Kaneezy

    Definitely buying this! Dude ain’t put out shit BUT fire!

  • TheOlc

    As soon at this track kick off first thing that popped into my mind was Tokimonsta, she flipped this sample as well

  • $nicka

    cilvia is nothing that blows you away but its just some chill as rap shit with some great lyricism

  • its scary what TDE is doing right now

    • you must be impressed easily, or does the dick taste so good you just have to deepthroat ?

      • skiler415

        wow your cool for hating on a stranger. SMH.