• Shapey

    ...that freestyle tho

  • thisthatrandomHaitianGuy

    damn why kendrick had to do the fan like dat.

    i see the waves im ya hair i been there lmao

    • Soul Provida

      Lol its all love though

  • Black Crime Rate

    Q needs to work on that gut.

    • shake

      I'm pretty sure he doesn't care anymore.

  • mike jones

    lol maad city one has a bunch of white kids screaming "my nigga"

  • ilamarca

    Break the Bank will not be getting old anytime soon.

  • http://www.youtube.com/nickseveremusic Nick Severe

    I'm embarrassed for dude lol wow

  • aharon ellis

    Ab-Soul need to get some material out there mann...

  • de_costa

    i wish Kendrick wouldn't skip through the lyrics to m.a.ad. city everytime he performs it live

  • Djmanny2k

    I know nobody cares but i was there last night and it was Beyond Amazing!!!!!

  • $nicka

    that freestyle was dope