Big Sean – 1st Quarter Freestyle (Video)

blame it on JES7 January 29, 2014

Big Sean returns at the top of 2014 with a new joint appropriately titled “1st Quarter.” The Detroit rapper reached out to Key Wane who produced the song, with additional production provided by Travi$ Scott. Download it for free below.

  • younglarrydavid

    verses on All Me, Control, 10 2 10 Remix, now this shit is fire and watch people still just ignore this dude

    • Niq Hammertron

      No people jus kno he mad fake

      • Not a Big Sean groupie or stan… I like dude and all but can understand the hate or distaste for him… He comes off as a mainstream Fab… I get it. But fake in what sense though? We kind of knew what we were getting, concerning dude from the get go. He never portrayed himself as anything other then himself imo.

  • wat

    Dope video, pretty good song. I miss 2010 Finally Famous Vol. 3 Big Sean.

    • Cam TexasBoy Perry

      hes way better lyrically now than he was then. he just hasn’t releasing a good album yet but Detroit was fire.

      • wat

        I wouldn’t say he’s better lyrically today. I think he was wittier back then but today he’s way more introspective. And I liked some tracks on Detroit but overall it was nothing compared to FF3.

        • TheRealPaperKut

          That’s exactly how I feel man. I like that that old wit pops up from time to time. I find it weird that people think Detroit is his dopest project. It was really jarring for me hearing him rap over those beats after following him from his first mixtape to his debut album.

          • wat

            Word. If FF3 was their introduction to him, their opinions would be so different. …Dammit now I wanna jam FF3 lol

  • Kc_Achu

    She didn’t come up for air bcuz she’s dead…dope song tho

  • Mister Nicely

    Sounds a lot like ‘Higher’ off the Detroit tape. Not a bad thing but they are very similar. Sean and Wale are kind of in the same boat. People just don’t seem to care about them or take them serious enough to place them amongst the other elites. Going to be a interesting year for the boy.

    • three

      i agree, both are talented and overlooked as MC’s. i think if you take Clappers off of gifted its a much better album, same with MILF on HOF. ironic how they both have Nicki and Juicy on em. With guest features like those you are asking not to be taken seriously lol

  • KoldBowKillah

    this is the fire that was on Detroit that should have been on Hall Of Fame. I pray sonn Keep this up, and say F*@# the Commercial Ish.

  • Sirilly

    DOPE, and I’m not even big on Big Sean…at all. I guess I got a treat for being open-minded today. I cosign what Mister Nicely said about him having an interesting year. Hip-Hop 2014 leggo!

  • MikeTruth

    Shits amazing. Production is flawless.

  • Maddmike

    The beat carried him on this one. Meh.

  • Pasm

    This is nice as fuck

  • This song a mild feat for Big Sean because he ain’t start his verse off with “I wake up” not once in this shit.

    But nah, this song knocks harder than ya moms on your bedroom door when she thinks you beatin off in ya room. Don’t act like ya’ll don’t remember them times.

  • SuaveDeacon

    This seems like just a taste of what Sean has coming in 2014. Can’t wait to see what else he’ll cook up.

  • This is going to be one hell of a year. Big Sean n King Cole coming!

  • Tony P

    You shouted him out! Now make a song with him(Danny Brown)!! Do want

    • wat

      Danny Brown (kinda) dissed him a few days ago lol

  • disqus_pyrGXaSTDx

    Last year niggas was on autopilot, It’s looking like the levels have raised. Whether that’s because of kendrick I dunno but I think Pusha T showed you can make a decent album and still sell the same amount as you would with the forced radio and club joints included.

  • jordan

    this is not cold a song. this is just talking over a beat. and deff not a freestyle. its average but his bars are corny and predictable and for middle school kids.

  • kenyaeast

    i think i like sean, cuz it feels like hes hanging on for dear life..

  • Johnathan Vaughn




  • SleepyTheGreat

    He Spazzed On This. Good Shit Sean

  • Donnie

    I try to like him, because you can tell he genuinely cares about his craft, but I just can’t find more than like 10 songs that I think are really great songs. For every ‘Fire’ or ‘First Chain’ there’s a ‘My Last’ or ‘Milf’