Nas On ‘Illmatic 2:’ “Yes & No”

blame it on Meka January 29, 2014

While in Los Angeles during the GRAMMYs scrum, the NMC’s Mikey Fresh (and VIBE) spoke to Nas – a VIBE Impact honoree – spoke on his plans for the year, as well as the possibilities of revisiting his debut album’s roots:

“Yes and No, I’ve thought about it before,” Nas tells VIBE on whether he would want to record a sequel to his debut album. “I definitely though about that. It just has to flow, it has to be natural. I can work on that and if I don’t like it [just scrap it],” Nas continues. “I have to feel it. It got to to be honest.”

I’ll put it out there.

Nas, respectfully: we don’t need an Illmatic sequel. Ever. In life.


    dear God please no.

  • Joseph P. Jackson

    I thought Illmatic 2 was already released. Wasn’t it called Stillmatic?

    • Check

      Exactly. Illmatic 2 wouldn’t make sense.

      • SonSon

        call the next one Automatic

        • NAK

          nah …. Killmatic bol .. kidding … let it be. Stillmatic was enough

          • SleepyTheGreat

            or TrillMatic

    • Enjoyer of Music

      I dont know how to explain this w/o sounding stupid, but I’m going to try. Stillmatic isn’t Illmatic 2, it’s him re-establishing himself as a top tier rapper in hip-hop, because at that time he dropped 2 mediocre albums and got challenged by Jay-Z. Stillmatic was him saying he STILL has the skills to be top tier, don’t fuck with him.

      An Illmatic 2 would just be a continuation of Illmatic or running with the same themes that the OG Illmatic has. Which is just all bad no matter how you look at it. Nas just dropped a GROWN man album, I’m not trying to hear 40yr old Nas rap like 17 year old Nas.

      • Joseph P. Jackson

        I guess the point that I was trying to make with my initial post was that, for me at least, Stillmatic served the purpose of an Illmatic sequel. It has classic songs including a hit single and one of greatest diss songs in hip-hop history. It was built on a lot of similar themes from Illmatic, but with a more mature viewpoint and delivery. It was Illmatic grown up. He can make an dope album in that vein, but naming it Illmatic 2 after Stillmatic already exists doesn’t make a lot of sense to me. I don’t think he has to be a stereotypical hip-hop artist with a numbered series of albums.

  • Enjoyer of Music

    No, it’ll tarnish the legacy. (hey Eminem, what’s up Jay-Z)

  • DJ Daz-One


  • Exhibit C

    Iunno, odds are it would never match the original in which case it’s pointless. BUT, if he followed the Illmatic formula of 9 tracks and an intro, no pop hooks, and only one or two features that really really make sense within the album and make sure all the bars are tight… it could be dope. And stick to the formula of just talking about life in New York except this time from the perspective of the same kid from Illmatic talking about his day to day now that he made it out.

    • Enjoyer of Music

      So…you want Elmatic? haha

      • Exhibit C

        Lol exactly!

  • He should go ahead and make another album but shouldn’t name it “Illmatic 2” since people will forever compare it to the original, and it could never live up to it

  • Guest

    Should be called Stillmatic

  • Nigga

    Stillmatic was the illmatic 2 thought

  • As he did with Stillmatic, use the ‘matic’ suffix. Automatic would be a cool title.

  • Jordan

    This would be like Jay Z putting out Reasonable Doubt 2 (Probable Cause?). It would be cool in theory, but it makes more sense to let the original remain a 1/1.

  • armvnd.

    Doesn’t sound like that great of an idea, but I say do what the fuck you wanna do. It’s his life. Just because everyone is gonna compare it to the original, doesn’t have anything to do with him. That’s not his problem. He’s not obligated to do anything for the fans if he really doesn’t want to.

  • ear2ear

    “They thought I’d make another Illmatic. But it’s always forward I’m moving. Never backwards stupid, here’s another classic.” – Nas

  • Ryuk918

    No! Smarten up NaS.

  • who cares

    Please don’t.

  • marty mcfly

    I need an ICONIC album from Nas at this point. If he’s gonna keep the album with Premo on the back burner then ok but I need that kinda album that sounds like Nas knows he’s legend and accepts that position already. Nas has a sophisticated approach and a more intellectual humble sounding approach to records and thats all good but I wanna hear something from him where the purpose of it is just going big and over the top just because he can. I need that Empire State moment from Nas but done in his own way.

  • disqus_pyrGXaSTDx

    still waiting on that lost tapes 2

  • ear2ear

    If Life is Good was 10 songs long it would have been great instead of solid/good. Nas needs two things if he really wants to pull this. One, he needs a brain trust of producers who he actively recruits for an album. Not just beats that kind of float in during the recording process. If I was him: Q-Tip, Preemo, Pete Rock, Salaam Remi. Let them craft with you IN THE STUDIO and set up the mood for you to spit to. Two, he needs a quality control man on the team. Like, an album doesn’t have to be 15 songs. Just make it 10 songs, all fire, and leave the stuff that isn’t up to par on the studio floor. Nas has enough clout to dictate those kind of terms for his own project.

    • Trizzy

      Nas has never had good beat selection, Jay-Z did, that’s why Jigga is where he’s at. If you chalk it up to lyricism you’re a fool. AZ was the same way, #1 underrated on a lot lists, subpar beats.

  • Guest

    i think marshall got all the greats wanting to revisit and do sequels to all there great projects

    • Jay Daniels

      Why because Eminem was the LAST to do it? Please man, people been doing sequels of classics for a long time before MMLP2 happened.

  • Hood Oracle

    illmatic 2 nah stillmatic 2 mabe…I don’t think nas could recreate that energy from illmatic you just gotta move forward as a artist

  • ABS

    NO. Classic albums need to stop being ruined by sequels

  • Jay

    It would have to be called Trillmatic

    • Carlos Quintero

      That bun b’s next album title lol

  • Jay Carl

    I think it would be a mistake to bring out an album and call it ‘Illmatic 2’ because then everyone will start the comparisons…All thats needed or should i say…my greatest wish, is for him and Premo to lock themselves in a studio…then out comes a guaranteed instant classic!!

    • Skool 4 Klownz

      True. The time period is different from Illmatic. It aint 1994 no more, the sound is completely different than 20 years ago.

  • leutrim

    Stillmatic was a true sequel, and it wasn’t that good.

  • Dat nigga

    Stillmatic was the sequal and solid. And The N, is a highly underrated album that niggaz sleep on, from production to lyrics. That’s was his last great album so far. Life is Good was wack.

  • Luke Foord

    I don’t really like the trend of naming albums after the original so far down a career. If Eminem’s new album had been called something like Legacy (anything other than what it was) it would have been rated and reviewed as a new album and sound.

    But the VERY moment it’s read as ‘The Marshall Mathers LP 2’ it will only be compared to the original and obviously people will be less happy. Titles are important.

  • Tommy_Jules

    sequel albums are wack.

  • Trizzy

    I’d like to think he knows the extreme implications of making a second Illmatic, and if he were to do so it would be all organic, grimy, Nasty Nas that lives up to the title. It would rely on production though. Nas hasn’t lost his spit, he’s just never had a good ear for beats like I said earlier. Even if you couldn’t get Primo to lace the whole thing it’d have to be some grimy NY shit. There’s some very active beat makers in the game now who can replicate that sound, he’s just gotta reach out. A lot of producers people overlook would probably pull out all the stops, all the stowed away gems for Esco.