• Tino

    Damn they didnt reveal the Ab-Soul features title but I need to hear that "Broken" record with Scarface ASAP! This was already a must buy for me and after the features even more so. And I hope that Jeezy diss record lands on this LP too, cant fucking wait!

    • wat

      Ughhhh, Scarface on a Madlib beat. That's so amazing that it's just disgusting.

      • shake

        The moment I saw Scarface, I lost my noodle.

        • wat

          Hood wisdom being preached over a Madlib instrumental. Man... I'll cry if this album gets pushed back AGAIN.

          • Tino

            Dude im in that same boat, Gibbs Speaks that Hood izm, "Shame" and "Thuggin" are both just so raw, every player can relate to that shit mane... Madlib is a genius in my eyes. This project cant get here soon enough.

          • wat

            "High" with Danny Brown should be NUTS. I imagine Madlib gave them a more unorthodox beat than usual.

          • Tino

            OMG yes i can't believe i forgot about that, That beat is prolly so crazy cause danny brown is wild and the energy he brings to a record is insane. I just want to see madlib do a live set one time, its on my bucket list for sure.

          • wat

            Goddammit, just think, we could've got the album on TUESDAY but of course it gets pushed back.

          • Tino

            Nope dont even want to think about it, just going to make me angry, I get angry enough listening to some Gibbs records. I swear everytime I hear "Eastside Moonwalker" I feel like robbing somebodys whip Grand Theft Auto style. Its bad man.

          • wat

            Haha. I feel so gangsta watching the Thuggin' music video

  • Sirilly


  • muk

    B I G

  • Jojoba

    Dope but this shit will never come out 3/18 look for it around June

    • Tino

      No fuck that, it IS coming out 3/18. Its already been pushed back enough.

  • espyy

    Aiiight, that's what we are waiting for

  • wat

    This is already gonna be AOTY for me.

  • caleb oberrath

    Flow from space, super smooth

  • marquee_

    Bro if this shit don't hit, im strictly listening to Polynesian folk music for the rest of my natural life, im done with hiphop...thats finna be it for me.

    • vaci

      Polynesian folk actually sounds pretty dope to me

  • leutrim

    Album of the year, hands down

  • dancesexmusichiphop

    This just made my fucking day!

  • NoWuff

    And to think I thought it would come out in February

    • wat

      It would've been out TUESDAY :(

  • Pizza Steve

    Oh this is about to come and shit on any & everything!

  • xastey

    Guess I'm going to SXSW this year for the austin show.. what does 2dope have going on

  • hiphopanon

    yall aint postin "robes" due to the features?

  • M Gar

    This and Oxymoron are the two albums I've been waiting for. This shit right here hopefully is going to be as EPIC as I think it is. If Madlib sticks with his usual routine and sprinkles in his random skits (but not too many like OJ Simpson) then I think matched with Gibbs story telling and his overall skill on the Mic this could be a classic in the making. I envision an entire album of Gibbs spittin that "Scottie Pippen" flow shit he murked off the Alchemist beat

  • espyy

    http://www.rappcats.com/pinata/ BTW, there is a single. Sounds cool for me.