Slaughterhouse Announce New Battle Reality Show

blame it on Meka January 30, 2014

During MTV’s RapFix Live yesterday, the four horsemen of Shady sat down with Sway to make a special announcement… that they will both judge and produce a new reality show, “The Road To Total Slaughter”.

The Shady Records crew explained that the new show will pit eight battle rappers against one another, in a bracket style competition, with four rappers on each side. “The winner of each side will co-headline the main event, [with] two legends in the battle game,” Royce said. “It’s probably the biggest battle you can put on right now, on behalf of Shady Records, Shady TV and Slaughterhouse.”

To make it more captivating, viewers at home will get to know each contestant better throughout the show. “It’s a reality series as well, ‘The Road to Total Slaughter,'” Joe said. “We’re gonna put those eight guys in a house, they’re gonna live with each other for a week and you’re gonna be able to see them prepare for it as well.”

The eight rappers participating in the show will be Dizaster, Math Hoffa, Daylyt, Arsonal, Cortez, Marv Won, Big T and Aye Verb, artists that Slaughterhouse describe as “top tier battlers” and “assassins.”

“It’s giving these guys a platform that they didn’t have before,” Royce told Sway. “Everybody knows they’re great if you follow them, so the goal is to put not only them, but battle rap itself, on this platform.”

Unfortunately the crew didn’t reveal too many details about their upcoming new album, but… hey, they have a reality show coming out!

  • SleepyTheGreat

    Interesting….. I Wonder What Network This Will Be On.

  • amir trent

    Great Concept, I cant help but feel that Loaded Lux shouldve been included in that lineup. Ness Lee is very underated too; I can see him having that mainsteam appeal too.

    • Lyriciss

      Loaded Lux isn’t in that lineup because the main event battle (that everyone in the line-up is competing to win the undercard battle for) is going to be Loaded Lux vs. Murda Mook. They announced that yesterday on RapFix as well.

  • Valente Harper

    Naw Loaded is too much on that Diva shit. In not sure why Cortez & Marv there really. BMagic, Hollow, Hitman should easily be in one of those slots instead.

  • Frank Kennedy

    I’m assuming this is gonna be on the WB

  • Anonymous

    Calicoe shouldve been in this line up. Hitman Holla is locked up

  • Pizza Steve


  • zigzag

    They said that the show would be aired online on Shady’s Vevo channel, for those asking about it.

  • no Canibus in the bracket? foh

    • blakk

      You never saw the Canibus vs Dizaster battle? Dizaster ripped him apart. It was sad to watch.

      • lol ofcourse i seen it…my man Bis did allright..I mean fuck other legend like that would even step in battle.

  • NoWuff

    This has a ton of potential but I could see it being terrible