Rick Ross – Mastermind (Deluxe Edition Album Artwork)

blame it on Illy January 31, 2014

After unveiling the album cover to his forthcoming studio effort Mastermind last week, Rozay shows off the deluxe edition artwork for the sixth studio album arriving at retailers on March 4.

  • Selorm Amuzu

    Im sorry that is A$$….. it looks like he painted the wall with rainbow feaces and walked away thinking he did something amazing lol… and I’m not even trolling !!

  • Gras Aap

    Don’t like both artworks

  • Alonzo


  • wat

    The deluxe looks terrible. That’s like default Photoshop effects right there. The normal art is decent.

    • Goldberg brain

      One thing i have learned is album covers look much better in stores in the cd case, but yeah this does look terrible just looking at it here

      • mega mega

        “Gay Rainbow” the gay agenda has really took over hip hop smh

        • Phillmeeh

          shut up faggot.


      *Illustrator live trace

  • marty mcfly


  • KyleAnthony♬

    His album covers are usually on point.. I dont know what happened here.. I like the Deluxe better than the regular though

    • Cam TexasBoy Perry

      i actually like the regular cover because it has that classic feel to it. whether the album is well that is another story.

  • Thank Me

    I think it looks cool, but it isn’t good for an established 40 year old rapper. This would be a cover someone like Chance the rapper would use.

  • gzdehb


  • SuaveDeacon

    Not really feeling the deluxe cover but seriously…this man has 17 albums, mixtapes, and collab’s, plus hundreds of features and freestyles on top of that …shit makes you think…. he still ain’t run out of shit to say yet?

    • Prince Akeem

      he been saying the same shit for the last 5 years

      • SuaveDeacon

        That’s what I’m saying though, give it a break Ross we heard it all…

    • malcyvelli

      only simple niggas can’t see he’s been saying the same shit the majority of this career

  • Jordan

    At least he’s doing something different

  • marty mcfly

    The deluxe version woulda looked better if you could see the gun firing on the other side of his head but whatever. Maybe they cant accept that image in stores or something but I still think the first cover is dope.

    • BentleyBoi

      Nah they cant if u remember andre 3000 cover for love below he was actually holding a pink gun with pink smoke coming out of it..

  • PimpHand

    This cover is HORRIBLE…the Bawse losing his touch.

    • PimpHand

      Album name Mastermind, artist name Brainwash…i get it. But my head hurt looking at this s**t.

  • thatrandomguy

    Terrible fucking deluxe album art. Come on Rozay! You’ve got the money to pay a professional to do your shit.

    It seriously looks like the artist took 5 minutes to do it. Some brush textures for the splashes and a default live trace in Illustrator for the face.

  • YeDaTruth

    Ross’ standard artwork is always better…. guess it’s more of an incentive to move those non-deluxe albums the first week

  • Guest

    So Rick Ross is gay?

  • dfdk

    That looks worse than a chief keef mixtape

  • dfdk

    some cheesy high school computer graphic design he probably stole from a fan

  • dfdk

    Stole some lil wayne fan art and edited himself into it

  • aharon ellis

    Lmao. Mahnn. I feel like the hating is running a tad bit rampant for Ross. I mean.. the guy isn’t my favorite rapper but damn it aint THAT bad. Lol

  • Ohms

    this is tight! Rozayyy!