50 Cent, Jadakiss & Styles P in the Studio

blame it on JES7 February 1, 2014

I think it’s an ill thing to see 50 setting aside the differences he’s had with former rivals. Just recently, Joey Crack and 50 appeared together on Kay Slay’s “Free Again” and last night, 50 posted the above photo on Instagram with the caption: “Animal Ambition on the way. It’s getting ready to get CRAZY #smsaudio.”

While Ferrari resolved his “beef” with The Lox awhile ago, this will mark the first time Jada, Pinero the Ghost and 50 have worked together (50 hopped on Jada’s “Dump” back in 2010). I’m looking forward to Animal Ambition.

  • AmIDickRidingyet

    I need to see the producer before the hype begins

  • Stevie Janowski

    NYC turned their back on 50 and he was the last big artist they had

    • Alonzo

      when a nigga start making songs like Amusement Park what are supposed to do…

      • Goldberg brain

        When Biggie made Juicy they didn’t turn they back on him

        • Alonzo

          How dare u compare those two songs lmao that is disrespectful son and down right crazy

    • curtlsj

      50 turned his back on every NY rapper thats why

  • SpeakingHarshTruth

    3 washed up niggas lol

  • ‘sheed

    That track with Joey and now this; I got hope in Animal Ambition. Don’t forget 50’s track with Styles and DMX, “Shot Down”, back in the day. That was nice.

  • Victor Ortega

    “Looking forward to hearing the outcome of this.”

    Jadakiss gets arrested hours after 50 Cent posted that picture on twitter. *hides hands*

  • Frank Kennedy

    This pic is dope. Waiting for 50 to release a new tape already. So people can claim “the old 50 is back.” Swear everytime dude puts out a song or mixtape people say the same shit. Dude consistently puts out good music. Never lyrical, but I don’t listen to 50 for his lyrics.

  • Sirilly


  • Reezington

    would have made a bigger impact years ago but still dope to see