• AmIDickRidingyet

    I need to see the producer before the hype begins

  • Stevie Janowski

    NYC turned their back on 50 and he was the last big artist they had

    • Alonzo

      when a nigga start making songs like Amusement Park what are supposed to do...

      • Goldberg brain

        When Biggie made Juicy they didn't turn they back on him

        • Alonzo

          How dare u compare those two songs lmao that is disrespectful son and down right crazy

    • curtlsj

      50 turned his back on every NY rapper thats why

  • SpeakingHarshTruth

    3 washed up niggas lol

  • ‘sheed

    That track with Joey and now this; I got hope in Animal Ambition. Don't forget 50's track with Styles and DMX, "Shot Down", back in the day. That was nice.

  • Victor Ortega

    "Looking forward to hearing the outcome of this."

    Jadakiss gets arrested hours after 50 Cent posted that picture on twitter. *hides hands*

  • Frank Kennedy

    This pic is dope. Waiting for 50 to release a new tape already. So people can claim "the old 50 is back." Swear everytime dude puts out a song or mixtape people say the same shit. Dude consistently puts out good music. Never lyrical, but I don't listen to 50 for his lyrics.

  • Sirilly


  • Reezington

    would have made a bigger impact years ago but still dope to see