• j_jay

    RA never disappoints in these interviews.

  • Black Crime Rate

    R.A. > Eminem

    Eminem is a pop sellout just like the artists he bashed in his earlier songs. R.A. would crush his ass too.

  • disqus_pyrGXaSTDx

    A lot of people have never worked with eminem why would this loser be any different and get an opportunity lol. Inb4elitists

    • RareForm

      An opportunity too? Really? Maybe RA never wanted to work with his gimmick ass. Dude was ill but chose the route of exactly what he hated on fools for.

  • fonzo517

    back in the day I may have wanted to see this collab but now I think it would just be goofy

  • SonnyCookout

    Here's what Biggie said about RA in a 1995 interview...

    R.A. The Rugged One: The white boy??!! The one that I did the jam with??? That’s who you talkin’ about? Two…might be a three (out of ten), I did the song, they paid me a lot of money, that’s why I did it. The beat was knockin’.

    • RareForm

      LOL RA had better bars on that track then Biggie did

  • Jimmy Grinar

    Take away the fame, media, and record label pressure and think about the life stories and the legit Rhythm & Poetry (rap) skills Eminem and Ra have. I believe this would be one of the best collaborations up to date. When it comes to real rap Rugged man and Shady, they're sitting on Everest.