Joe Budden Talks ‘All Love Lost’, ‘Glass House’ & Acting

blame it on JES7 February 2, 2014

HHS87 recently caught Joe Budden backstage in Philly where he performed at Red Bull Sound Select.

Joey revealed that Just Blaze will executive produce Slaughterhouse’s next LP, Glass House, calling it his “their most personal body of work to date.”

He also says that he’s been simultaneously working on his next solo outing, All Love Lost and that although he won’t disclose features just yet, he plans on keeping them at a bare minimum. Due to Eminem working on MMLP2, the Shady Records capo wasn’t as heavily involved in the two upcoming projects, although Joey shares that he still gives input via phone.

Jumpoff also talks about the future of Love & Hip-Hop and if he’d ever want to explore other scripted TV shows, saying he’d like to eventually end his career on Law & Order, calling Dick Wolf an amazing producer.

Catch Joey’s performance at the Philly stop of Red Bull Sound Select below. Footage courtesy of HHS87.

  • poetic assasin

    Thank you God that Eminem wasn’t heavily involved

  • JemPage

    How you gonna have the privilege of interviewing a great artist and get their name wrong smh

    • “No no no no no no. Joe Budden.” Had me dying.

    • krow132

      Joe Budden been letting people get away with adding an S to his name for years, Nigga has had enough! lol

  • wat

    I wonder what Just Blaze we’ll get. Sample Just Blaze or electronic Just Blaze.

    • Hieroglyphic_

      Well, seeing as how “Glass House” will be more personal, sample is a good guess.

      • wat

        I sure hope so. Plus J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League is part of the “Slaughterhouse of producers” Just Blaze put together.

        • Hieroglyphic_

          Don’t forget Cardiak, AraabMuzik and !llmind.

          • wat

            Yeah I know, I was just naming the League because they’re very sample-inclined lol

  • fonzo517

    our house was terrible so hopefully this new album will be what all the fans were expecting and maybe even surpass that. ay the interviewer sorta looks like andre 3k too tho haha

    • Ill Son

      What literally made it the term, terrible? Especially whn you have artists like Migos, let alone Drake have heavy rotation for their mediocre if not trash they call music. “Our House”, had great records on there. That album wasn’t no classic. But, to call an entire project terrible in a climate where there isn’t ANY actual substantial content, by far a selective few. But, to each their own, I guess.

      • fonzo517

        lmao just because they’re more lyrical than migos doesn’t mean that our house was dope. what made it terrible was the production that didn’t fit their style and the fact that they tried to make mainstream shit like “throw it away” and most of the songs had terrible hooks.

  • I think he met trying to get it…lol this bum only smokes cigs for the camera..his whole persona is fake

    • krow132

      REALLY? cuz smoking cigs is so cool in this day n age that someone would use it as a front…………boy oh boy i hate you rap fans

  • Em owns a phone? I cant see him using one. lol

  • Ill Son

    Hammer Dance, Frat House, Goodbye, Die, Rescue Me, Our Way… even Coffin, were dope af to me, off their previous release, Our House. Can’t wait to hear this new album frm ’em. I swear ppl put so much pressure on artists. Like I understand they’re all creative an dope af individually. But, to have a group collectively as ill as them, mainstream wise, no one comes close. Certain records are going to make the cut for commercial appeal but damn, don’t act like that’s not going to happen, smh. The best group out in my eyes! #GlassHouse

  • Bighustle

    Joe heard it like “BuddenSSSSSZZZZZZSSSSSZZZ”