KiD CuDi Calls ‘Satellite Flight’ His Best Work

blame it on JES7 February 2, 2014

Cudder recently sat down with MTV News to discuss his upcoming album, Satellite Flight: The Journey to Mother Moon which he originally announced would be an EP. However, due to his fans’ patience, CuDi has decided to turn the EP into a full-length project which will precede the third installment of his Man On The Moon series.

I’m really excited because it’s my best work, and it’s a surprise. People weren’t really expecting it. I’ve never done two albums within a year of each other.

Listen to the first single and title track, “Satellite Flight” here.

  • Larry RseGld.

    turn up!

  • jordan

    been there don’t that. every time someone says its their best work, you know it isn’t.

    • Jared McGhee

      But you can always rest assure that Cudi comes close to his best work! It may not be the same feeling you had when your first heard your opinion of his Best Work! But none the less Cudi never dissapoints the people that look forward to his music

  • quas

    I bet if you asked robert de niro what his best work is he’d say some shit like meet the fauckers 4, but that shits a lie. Every washed up actor/musician says there newest shit is the best cuz we all know taxi driver was his best shit. and cudi sucks ass now.

    • disqus_xpmwx1oUV3

      I loved that fucking movies, the soundtrack was fucking amazing. Glad to know I am not the only one, people would look at me like I was crazy LOL.

  • Advance*

    As long as he’s involved with the production then it’s never going to be his best work.

  • Mez D

    Damn so much negativity.
    WZRD and Indicud weren’t the greatest but I have faith this’ll be good since he says its going back to the MOTM vibe.
    I guess we’ll see. And yeah his production is hit or miss mostly miss. Hopefully Plain Pat and Emile are on this project.

  • maus

    I hope he stops doing the whole “soundtrack” bullshit. I love the MotM series but after a while, it basically is never listened to again. I miss the old A Kid Named Cudi type of music where he’d rap his ass off on one song and then harmonize his ass off in another. I digress; make your money, man – that’s what life is about.

  • Nuance

    CuDi killed it on A Kid Named CuDi & WZRD and Indicud were great fucking projects. He produced and recorded on those albums so well he showed his diversity. I’m glad he’s away from G.O.O.D Music and is back to taking control of his music. Indicud was a great flashback to A Kid Named CuDi days where he showed his rapping skills and just fucking floated on beats when he began singing. I’m extra hype for these projects, he never disappoints if you ask me.

  • fonzo517

    not sayin it wont be good but don’t all artists call their new albums their “best work'”

  • jamman187

    the guy says the same shit everytime, yet none of his rpojects after MOTM1 have been as good as it.