Prodigy & Alchemist - IMDKV (Video)

Prodigy and Alchemist's Albert Enstein was one helluva project. Sadly, I didn't get around to it until recently (the only reason it didn't make my Year End list) but ever since I first hit play, I haven't been able to stop listening.

Anyways, today we're hit with a new music video from the LP, directed by Tha Profitt. Take a look up top and pick up Albert Einstein on iTunes if you haven't already.

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  • wat

    Alc definitely killed the beats on this project. And Prodigy was pretty good throughout.

  • espyy

    I think Albert Einstein was one of the dopest project on 2013 by far. IMO.

    • wikig1itch

      Word, it was the best thing ALC was connected to last year. Tough Album.

  • Guest

    the guy on the phone at the start is from The Wire right?

    • wat

      Good catch

    • Word. It's Poot!


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