T.I. Guest-Stars On ‘House Of Lies’

blame it on Meka February 3, 2014

If you missed it due to the Super Bowl blowout, Clifford and Mekhi Phifer are essentially portraying a hybrid version of Jay-Z and Dame Dash throughout the season, with their clothing line Roc-A-Wear DollaHyde hanging in the balance. Check out the brief clip above.

  • ✨Mister Draper

    their cameo arc started with last week’s episode, for those interested in peeping them on the show. and DAMN SON, Mekhi blew up like a tick! The stylist for the show shouldn’t have him in those tight-ass button-ups. Go UP a size! Lol

    • “ni**as get chubby everyday b.”

      • ✨Mister Draper

        great reference! but still no excuse to actually SHOW just how much.