Jakk Frost & DJ Premier Announce Joint LP

blame it on Shake February 4, 2014
jakk frost

The Beard Gang leader is joining forces with DJ Premier. Earlier today, the two released a quick cell phone recorded clip announcing they are getting together for a joint full-length album.

Jakk Frost and DJ Premier? This might be the meanest thing since Dre and The D.O.C.

  • Enjoyer of Music

    Premo is obviously ready to work with anyone (no hate), Nas, what the hell man? Give the people what they want.

    Looking forward to this

  • BLAKnoize

    If it drops it’ll be solid hip-hop. But I dunno how long I’ve been waiting for that NYG’z album.

  • leutrim

    Not looking forward to this at all. Jakk Frost isn’t a special rapper at all. Premo has been working with sub-par rappers his entire career. it’s a shame to waste his instrumentals (which, to be fair have deteriorated considerably over time.) Livin Proof with Group Home had his best beats, but was wasted on two garbage rappers

    • AMEN

    • truth17

      Calling Group Home garbage is a stretch. But I get what you’re sayin

      • leutrim

        Should Premo’s beats from Livin Proof been given to Group Home? Absolutely not. Those shouldve been given to Nas, Big, Jay, AZ, MOP, Bumpy Knuckles, etc before Group Home.


      Group Home was garbage? bro go relisten.

      • leutrim

        Melachi the Nutcracker and Lil Sap arent good rappers. There’s a reason why theyve had exactly 0 success (critical and commercial) without Premier behind the boards

    • BoRed


  • Eternalist

    R.I.P. GURU. That’s all

  • david

    There was a video about a year back of Premo saying he’s cooking somethin in the lab with Nas, Slick Rick and that Pete Rock collab album. I don’t see why grown men can’t come together and say ‘The fans will love this project, let’s make it happen’ and actually finish it. There’s still a market to release it too. It can’t be that they lack the hunger coz Pete and Premo are always producing and touring.

  • EZMoneyBagz



    This album prolly wont happen just like all the other preemo group albums

  • Black Crime Rate

    Premo is full of shit he fell the fuck off, sorry. Always working with sub-par rappers and promising shit that never happens.