Who The Hell Am I: Why DMX vs. George Zimmerman is Horrible for Hip Hop

blame it on Andreas Hale February 7, 2014

Words by Andreas Hale.

When news began to spread across the World Wide Web that George Zimmerman would be competing in a “celebrity” boxing match, I was disgusted. Aside from the fact that Zimmerman was acquitted of second-degree murder and manslaughter charges stemming from the now infamous incident where he shot and killed 17-year-old Trayvon Martin, I was disgusted at the concept that anybody, especially a murderer, could be considered a “celebrity.”

But you know what intensified my already prominent disgust? The news that a rapper would be the one facing Zimmerman in this sham of a boxing match. And not any rapper, it is gotdamn Earl Simmons, or Dark Man X, or DMX. You know, the rapper who’s notoriety today is based on his numerous run ins with the law rather than his discography? Of all the people that could have been selected for this deplorable circus of unfathomably distasteful proportions, a rapper who is known for running afoul is going to be opposite Zimmerman in a fight.

And there’s a reason behind that.

Ultimately, it would be framed as a battle of good vs. evil and the sides aren’t as clear as you would think they should be. Although we would like to believe that the world hates Zimmerman for killing Trayvon Martin, that is simply not the case. There are legions of Zimmerman supporters out there and there is a reason why he is a free man today.

Believe it or not, some people think that Zimmerman was justified in his actions.

I’m not going to beat a dead horse as the good people at Refined Hype, AllHipHop, Smoking Section and a litany of others have put together well thought out columns as to why DMX shouldn’t participate. We continue to hear the outpouring of people who are asking DMX to not help Zimmerman become famous. While I agree with that assessment, what I am not seeing is discussion as to how DMX’s participation is just as damaging to the hip-hop community and African Americans as it is potentially profitable for Zimmerman in this pathetic excuse for a money grab.

There are two narratives here: The one where George Zimmerman becomes a “celebrity” after killing an unarmed African American teenager and the other where a once celebrated rap artist continues his fall from grace and becomes just who his detractors thought he was.

We are entrenched in an era where the term “celebrity” is loosely tossed around for reasons that are embarrassing. From the reality TV star to the Instagram modeling agency, “celebrities” are made out of people who really aren’t good at anything. If you take a look at some of these celebrities, ask yourself exactly what it is that they do. What is their talent? Kim Kardashian was called the modern day Marilyn Monroe by Kanye West. But did Kim Kardashian win a Golden Globe Award? No? Well, what is it that she does? Oh, nothing. Absolutely nothing.

The age of the talentless suggests to a generation of youth that you don’t really have to be good at anything to “make it” in this world. Get on reality TV, act an ass, become a celebrity. Or, show your ass (and breasts), attach yourself to a thirsty athlete or entertainer and become a celebrity. Great!

Now, thanks to the advent of social media, we can actually gauge just how important somebody is thanks to the number of “followers” they have. It’s a truly fucked up world that we live in and set the premise for George Zimmerman to make his own attempt at becoming a celebrity.

Things happen in increments, and something like this was eventually going to take place given the circumstances. Initially, Zimmerman shied away from the media when the news of Martin’s death went public. As everything progressed in real time on the Internet, Zimmerman began to see the support he was getting. “Hey, this might not be such a bad thing,” he must have thought to himself. He could gauge just how many people supported him simply by going on the Internet. Like a reality TV star, he was a controversial lightning rod. Love him or hate him, we were talking about him.

And now that he has been acquitted in a trial that, frankly, the prosecution overcharged to begin with (that’s a whole different can of worms), Zimmerman feels absolved of any guilt and has decided to shamelessly take his role as a character villain to the public stage. He didn’t sell a painting for $100,000 because he could paint, he sold it because he was George Zimmerman, or that guy that shot and killed Trayvon Martin. He’s not in this “celebrity” boxing match because he can fight, he’s in it because he is George Zimmerman.

Amazing how this celebrity thing works, right?

Here’s a question for you: If the roles were reversed between Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman, would Martin be celebrated? Hell, would he even be a free man?

Which leads me to my next point…

richard sherman beyonce

In addition to the nonsensical “celebrities who have no talent” era, we are also in an age where African Americans are still considered “thugs” and “whores” (Richard Sherman and Beyonce, respectively). Mass media racism still exists and the playing fields are not level. Apparently, because we have a Black president, all is well in the world. It takes a swift kick to the groin to understand that racism still runs rampant and African Americans, as well as the greater hip hop community, are still typecast with negative connotations. No, we’re not fighting in the streets for civil rights, but we are fighting for our identity.

As much as it was about why Zimmerman shot Trayvon, it is even more important to understand why he was followed in the first place. He looked suspicious. Because, obviously, being black and wearing a hoodie will make you look suspicious. Who are the overwhelming victims of police brutality? Do the names Rodney King, Sean Bell, Amadou Diallo, Oscar Grant and a host of others who aren’t in our daily newscasts suggest anything? There is still a fundamental fear of the black man. And hip-hop culture is associated with being black regardless of the color of people who participate in it.

The racial stereotype is still as prevalent as it ever was despite what anyone preaching about a post-racial America tries to tell you.

And, simply put, Earl “DMX” Simmons is the embodiment of a wide range of negative racial stereotypes that a Zimmerman apologist would love to put down figuratively (and, in some cases, literally). He’s loud, angry and scary looking. He has multiple children out of wedlock, does a lot of drugs and is constantly in trouble with the police. He’s a menace to society and by putting a face on that menace; you now are tossing the proverbial blanket over an entire culture.

Attaching DMX and his laundry list of arrests to this fight casts a huge shadow over the hip-hop community. It’s not as if the stereotype doesn’t already exist that hip-hop culture is a bunch of weed smoking, sagging, foul mouthed thugs who disrespect women and profit off of negativity. That’s already out there and constantly (as well as unfairly) driven into our homes courtesy of conservative news outlets. And I’m not suggesting that he hasn’t done anything positive in his life. What I am saying is that he far more known for his multiple arrests due to everything from drug possession and reckless driving to animal cruelty and identity falsification. What it looks like is a person who didn’t deserve success to begin with ended up being what he was before he became a rapper. He’s back to being a criminal.

And that is the man selected to fight Zimmerman?

For the sake of this conversation, let’s assume that DMX gives Zimmerman a savage beat down that puts him as close to a near death experience as humanly possible. Do you think that the media is going to cheer for DMX or will they call him a “thug” who was desperate for the attention once his rap career was in shambles?

It’s not like DMX was on the frontlines when this Trayvon Martin situation began. We didn’t hear songs or speeches from DMX talking about the travesty that held the country hostage. His participation makes him look like an opportunist who is looking to rekindle his career.

But let’s just say Zimmerman manages to win; can you imagine the conversation then? I can almost hear Zimmerman say “You rappers aren’t so tough now, are you?” as his supporters applaud him for getting rid of yet another delinquent.

Don’t you get it? He wants to vanquish his “enemies” (read, black people) as part of his character. He needs to get revenge in hand-to-hand combat against DMX since he was allegedly beat up at the hands of Trayvon Martin. The teen falls into the same “thug” category as the rapper. It’s the master plan and the underlying narrative to this “celebrity” boxing match that we absolutely cannot participate in.

This is no win territory for hip-hop and a win-win for Zimmerman. We are being exploited as a community for Zimmerman’s gain. Whether he wins or loses, he’ll prosper while DMX goes back to doing whatever it is DMX does.

Not only does Earl Simmons have to turn down the fight because he’ll make Zimmerman famous, he has to realize that he’s merely making our culture a pawn in a larger chess match against stereotypes. It is a stereotype that he is unwittingly reinforcing and we, as a community, need to make sure that there are no traces of hip-hop in this three-ring circus.

Meanwhile, the murder trial for the man who shot and killed Jordan Davis for having his “thug” music too loud began this week. Will Michael Dunn be the next “celebrity?”

But I’m just a critic, who the hell am I?

  • Ghost Of Len Bias

    Before reading, just a place to post this because I did the research…

    A celebrity is “someone famous”, and famous means “known about by many people”. So technically, he is, unfortunately, a celebrity. (I blame Nancy Grace)

  • jordan

    GZ is INNOCENT. FUCK GZ. this is bad for hip hop because DMX will lose and it will make HIP HOP look bad(soft). THanks for making GZ more Famous (sarcastic). At least the judges were fair.

  • raptorfan

    while it is bad for hip hop…dmx has to get his money any way he can, i dont think hes worried about hip-hop or race relations

    • Selorm Amuzu

      I rather he get his money for being the black friend in Jersey Shore than in a boxing match with George Zimmerman. The fool put himself in a situation he wasn’t supposed for no reason.. this aint even justice !

  • I run Zamunda!

    Blah, blah this is bad… We’re activist blah, blah… I look at as someone is getting close enough to fucking beat his ass.

    • shm really

    • HeruthaGod (Original N-G-R)

      He’s been training, this is a controlled fight so we won’t see a real beating that we’d like. DMX is 43 yrs old & cracked out he ain’t the X he once was. Zimmerman is getting paid & this whole fight is a mockery of trayvons death. Zimmerman is arrogant & obviously doesn’t have any remorse for what he did, I personally feel that his funeral is long overdue, being that he’s paraded around as a celebrity after murdering an innocent kid. This proves america has no moral conscience & is bloodthirsty. Also, this makes black people look like cowards because had he killed some rednecks son I’m sure he’d by dead by now. And the black people who support this fight, it shows just how lost, insensitive & coonish they are.

      • Sticky

        Nobodies parading around Zimmerman but people like you who give him fame by giving the media the reaction they want, in no way does this prove America has no moral conscience it only proves you have flawed logic

        • HeruthaGod (Original N-G-R)

          You’re joking right

      • disqus_xpmwx1oUV3

        You are right, it not only shows the US as the foolish ignoramuses they prove themselves to be, but it show’s how far African-Americans have fallen. We are the only community nowadays that thinks the killing of ourselves by us and others is okay.

        Asian community this is a no-no, the same among Arabs and Jews. Until we come together, our people will just further fall downward in the abyss of extinction.

  • Ghost Of Len Bias

    After reading,

    I disagree, personally. DMX has the chance to show that a marginalized group is not to be taken lightly. The key is to ensure that if/when he pops off at the mouth, that he proves that he can talk the talk and put the team (or…race) on his back, doe.

    • datbul

      ^Ignorance at its finest.

      • Ghost Of Len Bias

        You wanna elaborate big homie? Because I’m really not ignoring anything and I still see no downside of a washed up rapper with nothing to lose beating a child murderer to a pulp.

        Even if the theory of “he represents hip-hop” holds water (which…he holds about as much water in that argument as a collander shaped like Vanilla Ice, in my opinion), all he has to do is win and not be Richard Sherman and all is well.

        • Selorm Amuzu

          you don’t get it if DMX wins it won’t mean shit! all DMX did was re-enforce a message of black people to the far-right middle americans which was already there and Zimmerman will play a martyr to their agenda which leads to more opportunities to him meanwhile DMX would still be right where we left him a shell of his former self. Hip-Hop and the black community lost the moment DMX decided to take this challenge

        • datbul

          Your definition of ‘a marginalized group showing that they should not be taken lightly’ is having a member of that group shuck and jive in front of the camera for white folks in a staged boxing match? So that in the end they get the ratings, the publicity, more reasons to make fun of us and more means by which to capitalize off of our bafoonery. Yeah, we really showed them.

          Come on, man. Take a minute and really think about this for a while. This is actually the LAST thing we should be doing to show them we are not to be ‘taken lightly.’

  • Tino

    Great article Andreas, and i agree really makes me sick how ppl consider zimmerman a “Celebrity” but I for one will not be watching this clown show and shame the fuck on DMX for participating this circus.

  • Chosen One

    It’s not just a bad look for Hip Hop, it’s bad look look for humanity. And it’s a bad look for DMX since I won’t be surprised if he’s the one that ends up getting rocked. Dude is 43, 5″11 on a good day and he looks emaciated.

    • SpeakingHarshTruth

      The entire fight will be fixed anyway.

      The man organizing the fight is called Damon Feldman. Google him.

      He staged the Jose Canseco fight in 09.

      “I classify myself as the WWE of boxing. The bottom line is I give formerly famous people the chance to step in the ring, they’re not gonna kill each other. It’s 100 percent entertainment”

      This entire thing is sickening.

  • marty mcfly

    I’ll just say that as a society in america in general that people need to learn to have respect for themselves. America has proven it has very little respect for human life and if “a jury of your peers” (meaning a bunch of white people) say not guilty then common sense will be thrown out the window. Its bad enough that Trayvon had to be killed and then killed a thousand times again afterwards by the media and was publicly lynched (metaphorically speaking) over and over again everyday just to paint him a certain way so that his life would be shown no mercy even in after death but then to also turn his murder into a circus to kick dirt on his parents and his family and also make Zimmerman a “celebrity”? Its like when are people gonna say enough is a enough? Does everything have to be turned into entertainment just to get a pat on the head from most wicked of people? Smh im done

    • marty mcfly

      As far as DMX goes? He’s always judged as the bad guy but what makes you other people so good? Did DMX ever shoot an unarmed teenager that was just talking on the phone and walking home minding his own business? NO. DMX aint no angel but if you take the message from his music, again I say the MESSAGE, not just the shock value and the anger and the tough talk but the underlined message that DMX has consistently preached about. That message is about having a moral conscious in terms of right and wrong and ultimately knowing how to beat ones own personal demons instead of turning into one and now people wanna watch this fame hungry known killer fight against and man much older and still trying to overcome his drug problems and family issues. Man its just ridiculous how sick people can become to even consider this kinda foolishness.

    • Sticky

      The most important part of this fight is the fact that the money (not sure how much of it tho) will go to charity. While Zimmerman should definitely be behind bars right now, as long as the media and the masses have given him celebrity status he might as well turn the negative attention into a positive outcome (that is unless the money goes to arming neighborhood watches). As long as their having a celebrity match, seeing as dmx was the most well known celebrity to come forward, if he didn’t fight dmx the article would be about how Zimmerman is CLEARLY racist for not fighting the obvious choice simply because he’s black.

      • marty mcfly

        You cant be fucking serious. No Charity should be linking themselves to Zimmerman period and definitely no hip hop artists should be linking themselves to Zimmerman in any capacity. I really dont give a fuck if he gets beat up because an ass whooping aint shit and thats damn sure not gonna make shit ok imo. The root word of “celebrity” is to “celebrate” so whenever you use the word “celebrity” it is in the context of “celebrating” someone or something that that person is doing. Anybody helping Zimmerman become a star for being a murderer is in a way celebrating the murder of Trayvon Martin. I dont give a fuck if the money goes to charity. Whats next? Are we gonna call child molesters celebrities and treat them like they have something to offer society? FOH. Since Zimmerman wants to use hip hip culture as is celebrity platform? I want somebody to step up from the hip hop community and handle the situation and what I mean by that is, I want somebody with the power to do it to make Zimmerman disappear for good period end of story.

        • Sticky

          The root word of celebrity is not “celebrate”, they have the same root word like god and ungodly which mean very different things, celebrity means essentially a famous or notorious person so this has nothing to do with celebrating Zimmerman, I’m just saying I think it would be good if something positive were to come of all this cause trayvon martins already dead, killing Zimmerman won’t change that or what caused his death

          • marty mcfly

            Getting money off this would not be positive, in fact it would just be even more negative, wrong and kinda wickedly creepy imo. And yes the root of “celebrity” is celebrate. I mean the word is damn near spelled out for you. Celebrity does not mean a notorious person and it is connected to “famous” but Zimmerman is “infamous” and there is a difference in between the “famous” and “infamous” Zimmerman is the exact definition of “infamous” and the “famous” aspect of his so called “celebrity” is a byproduct of his infamy. There is no good that can come outta this and this by definition is a “celebration” of Zimmerman in more then one way because he shouldn’t even have a platform to stand on in the public eye.

          • marty mcfly

            The word “celebrity” comes from when a person is being “celebrated” then that makes them the “celebrity”. The fact that people are even considering Zimmerman as any kinda figure other then a person who got away with murder is disturbing. Now if Zimmerman was fighting some prisoners serving life in jail for murder like some kinda gladiator then maybe but he is fighting DMX, a nigga who actually got on because of talent and gave the culture a decade of good product and is not a killer. These two men have no business in the same ring.

          • Ggooday

            I see that you post alot on this site. Im not going to argue with you i just want you to know that the word celebrity does not come from celebrated. Also most of your arguments are just incompetent statements with no backing. Idk if youre just a very very stupid person or mad man behind his computer who likes to type before he thinks.

          • Ggooday

            and dont even get me started on your dumbass statement about jury being “a bunch of white people” or Trayvon being painted a certain way by the media. He painted that image himself, it was just brought out by the media because people for some damn reason decided to turn this whole murder incident into a racial incident. Really made it a bigger deal than it is. People like you just keep feeding into this circus act media bullshit and its people like you that make the reason behind zimmerman being a “celebrity” as you like to say.

          • marty mcfly

            Dont hit me with that bullshit about “its people like you that yada yada yada… NO fool, its people like YOU, that have the same kinda mentality as a Zimmerman that make him a “celebrity”, not me bitch. So dont get it twisted. Its people like you that see shit play out and know for a fact that there is OVERWHELMING evidence that the justice system in Trayvons case and the court system in general does have a very visible element of INjustice toward black people and rather then address it you act like you dont see it. No bitch dont gimmie that “its people like you bullshit” No its people like YOU…

          • marty mcfly

            Trayvon “pained himself that way”? Fool Zimmerman told the police he was armed and that he followed Trayvon. Trayvon died next to a bag of skittles and a can of ice tea and Zimmerman had a gun in his hand after he admitted that HE wa the one following Trayvon even after Trayvon tried to run away from Zimmerman in his vehicle so how does that paint look? Dont use your idiot mind, use common sense…

          • marty mcfly

            “CELEBRity” – “CELEBRate” Smh

          • Fuck All Y’all

            Check my above comment. Stop getting your definitions off the net in attempt to prove someone wrong. I’m not one to take sides, but the word celebrate came from the French term celebrité, which means celebrity.They make etymology dictionaries for a reason. Please study word origins before getting into a debate about word origins.

          • discypherz


            ce·leb·ri·ty noun sə-ˈle-brə-tē

            : the state of being famous or celebrated

            : a person who is famous

            plural ce·leb·ri·ties

            Full Definition of CELEBRITY


            : the state of being celebrated : fame


            : a famous or celebrated person

          • Sticky

            We do not celebrate snooki, Kim kardashian, and many others that have been given celebrity status, instead people just comment on how terrible they are to make themselves feel good. Although Zimmerman is known for much worse than any other celebrity, it’s still an accurate description and really who gives a fuck if it’s called a celebrity match? What would be a better term? If you don’t like it don’t support it but I want to see the outcome and although it is morally ambiguous, if the money goes to charity do you think whoever gets the money will complain?

          • marty mcfly

            Of course we celebrate those people idiot. Why you think Kim Kardashian is who she is? And no “celebrity” is not an accurate description for Zimmerman. It is to you because your sick. Id say Zimmerman is an infamous murderer and that description is alot more accurate. Whatever charity thats involved in this bullshit should be condemned.

          • marty mcfly

            When the ratings for Jersey Show got really high they gave Snooki her own damn show with her friend Jwow so hey id say people do celebrate Snooki to a degree where she is legitimately a Tv personality now. I guess you want to watch the Zimmerman show now.

          • Sticky

            Damn you’re mad, nobody I have ever met admires or truly celebrates the character of snooki and Kim k, you have a serious problem with producing logical arguments

          • marty mcfly

            Well go check how much money they make from their million people strong fanbase that have kept them both on Tv for years, season after season, and pay them for celebrity hosting, walk throughs and merchandise. Smh Idiot.

          • Sticky

            If celebrities are celebrated by the money they receive and Zimmerman doesn’t receive money than in what way is he being celebrated?

          • marty mcfly

            What killing Zimmerman would do is give the Martin family the justice that the justice system was unwilling to give them. I say I wanna see Zimmerman dead because what makes him deserving of the kinda mercy that he refused to give an unarmed Trayvon?

          • Ggooday

            Everything you posted in that first reply was already proven wrong. So seriously dude look up your shit before you start typing anything . . . at all. Atleast google this shit homie you clearly have no clue what happened. Do you know why Zimmerman was following him in the first place? Do you even know how late in the day it was and the fact that the kid was walking around in the dark and in the rain in a neighborhood nowhere near his? IM NOT ARGUING against the fact that he murdered the kid, because he did. Just not unlawfully and all you incompetent fucks just jump to conclusions and assume the system is racist. Btw jurors already came out and spoke on the incident saying that there was nowhere near enough evidence to prove that Zimmerman didnt do it in self defense. So where the fuck you getting this OVERWHELMING evidence you speak of?

          • marty mcfly

            What im talking about is common sense you and the OVERWHELMING evidence im talking about in the context of history. There are literally thousands of cases where the justice system has failed the people. Now back to the case at hand. You yourself said “IM AM NOT ARGUING against the fact he MURDERED the kid” now lets stop and think about that right there. You have an unarmed teenager and a man with gun and the teenager has a bullet in his chest. YOU used the word “MURDERED” not self defense cause you know self defense is when YOU do not cause the incident to begin with and when you are not the aggressor. Now lets back up. Zimmerman calls the police and says he is following Trayvon, he is armed and in a vehicle, 911 says “we dont need you to do that” STOP THE STORY RIGHT HERE? Now could Zimmerman have simply listened to 911? The answer is YES. Does not listening to 911 mean you broke the law? In some states yes BUT in this situation it shows Zimmermans lack of judgment and its start to create motive at this point to pursue Trayvon even after he was told not to. Now Zimmerman says Trayvon looked at him and started running. Again lets stop right here. Could this whole situation have been left alone by Zimmerman? Ok now lets allow you to believe whatever you want but at this point in the story Trayvon is running away and Zimmerman is in a vehicle with 911 on the phone and a loaded weapon on him. Lets STOP right there and use common sense…. Who made the stupid decision here? The unarmed kid or the man who decided to keep pursuing with a gun? Its simple common sense. It is almost impossible for you to look at this moment in the story and say Trayvon is breaking any laws, Zimmerman is in no danger and on top of that Trayvon is unarmed and running away from Zimmermans vehicle. No matter what you take away or add to the story, it is impossible to move around this beginning stage right here. Now lets assume Zimmerman has an once of common sense. Again could this whole incident have been avoided in a number of ways? The answer is YES. You can rationalize it all you want but you know that the guy who spotted Trayvon walking and followed in a car with a gun is the problem because it is no way that Trayvon is talking on the phone, carry ice tea and skittles and and is causing any danger to Zimmerman at this point. Anything afterwards is within Trayvon’s rights. When somebody follows you then chases you then gets out their car with a gun to confront you, your supposed to fight back, that is in your rights to do that. Again Zimmerman is an ADULT with a GUN and 911 on the phone. Trayvon is a teenager who did not cause the confrontation and was unarmed? Who’s at fault here? Common sense question? EXACTLY, Did the justice system fail the Martin family regardless of any bullshit technicality? YES

          • marty mcfly

            You know why your not arguing the fact that Zimmerman murdered the kid? Its because you know if you were Zimmerman that you would not have followed and shot Trayvon. Why? because I assume its because you have common sense, thats why. It is not normal for anybody to get outer their car and shoot an unarmed person. That is supposed to be a crime because there is no excuse for it. The only excuse someone can make is when their trying to rationalize a reason where an unarmed person is shot and is somehow more to blame then the armed person who followed and shot them.

          • marty mcfly

            This cases need a moment like in the film “A Moment To Kill” on some shit like – “Imagine Trayvon has a white boy walking down the street talking on the phone with Ice Tea and candy” Now does he deserve to die? What law is he breaking? Is he a thug? Does he have the right to walk down the street and be left alone? If he is followed, chased and then confronted by an adult with a gun does he have the right to fight for his life? People like you see Trayvon has not having the right to live cause he’s black so automatically that mean he was putting Zimmerman in danger by even though Zimmerman caused the whole ordeal.

          • Fuck All Y’all

            @disqus_7m5YqaFBPY:disqus this statement right here is when you kill an argument fam: “Atleast google this shit homie” .. Anybody who points to google as a reference for validation isn’t worthy of a good debate, period.

          • marty mcfly

            I hear you and I get that everybody has an opinion but when one uses their heart and ask themselves seriously. Should we be entertaining the idea of Zimmerman getting any kinda attention at all? Really? Lets be honest here. Is this the kinda person that we seriously wanna keep giving a platform to? People can get into opinions and arguments and whatever whatever but sometimes its time to say ok enough is enough and when you shoot and unarmed situation then nobody should be trying to do business with you.

          • marty mcfly

            Unarmed Person… I mean

          • Fuck All Y’all

            “The root word of celebrity is not “celebrate”” My goodness, where did you receive your education? I’m not here to be an ass but you need to check the etymology of the word ‘celebrate’ off of the internet. The internet tells you that it comes from the latin term celibritatem, but if you go to the library and check an old etymology dictionary, you’ll see that it actually came from the old French term celebrité (celebration). It wasn’t until long after the French introduced this word, that Latin america went and switched it’s meaning to their liking. To be fair, you are both right in a sense, but your meaning behind celebrity was not the first.

          • marty mcfly

            AGAIN you have “CELEBRate” and “CELEBRity” these words regardless of how you perceive them both live in the same context. Now if you wanna stay stuck on the word we can go on and on BUT what is the point? In the situation of Zimmerman being involved in a “CELEBRity” fight? The answer to that is the point I, like many others are making. To treat Zimmerman like he is a “CELEBRity” is to “CELEBRate” him. I maintain my opinion regardless of what you have read in your french or english dictionary or whatever white mans books you have read have told you. That the root of the word “CELEBRity” is indeed to “CELEBRate” in the context of whom you regard as a “CELEBRity”.

          • Sticky

            hah fuck you with that ‘where did i receive my education’? ‘to celebrate’ isn’t the root word as you showed, which was half of my point. the latin root of celebrity, which most people would refer to seeing as french comes from latin it is the true root, does basically just mean famous. Why would i go to a library for the old french word? But still in the end the technical bullshit doesn’t matter because celebrity is not necessarily a positive thing anymore.

    • William Logan

      In reference to your comment that a jury is made up of “a bunch of white people”…The jury is chosen from all registered voters. Then, there is another selection process, in which the selected jurors and interviewed. Finally, the judge, prosecutor and defense sit down and talk about the selected jurors, and everyone has the chance to make their case that the jury could be biased. In a black man kills latino man in self defense case, I promise you that there is not an all white jury, or even close. On a different note, I know what you are trying to say, and you are right. The system IS racist (in just about every single aspect), just not in the way you mentioned.

      • marty mcfly

        What were the races of the jury in Trayvon’s case? A bunch of white people? Ok then

  • HeruthaGod (Original N-G-R)

    The petition to cancel the fight -> petitions(dot)whitehouse(dot)gov/petition/stop-george-zimmerman-and-promoter-damon-feldman-using-murder-racial-hate-america-profit/0yVh1nVD

    • I run Zamunda!

      And signing isn’t going to stop the fight. Shit, remember when Obama said he was going to have people look into the Zimmerman verdict? Nothing happened.

      • HeruthaGod (Original N-G-R)

        Man gone head with the pessimism either sign it or stfu & leave it alone. That whole fight is bs & if you can’t see that then idk what to tell you

        • I run Zamunda!

          It’s about as a waste of time as us going back and forth.

      • HeruthaGod (Original N-G-R)

        Idc what “obomber” does tbh, but mf’ers need to realize we look like idiots if we let this go down

      • marty mcfly

        Obama created 140,000 jobs last month and signed the Farm Bill today that will create more jobs and continue to help in food safety and agricultural productivity… But hey who cares about eating clean food and keeping farms healthy and functioning? Lets just keep giving Zimmerman as much attention as possible and ignoring anything productive that makes a difference.

  • they pronounced this on Trayvon Martin, bday in a month(shm)

    where they celebrate black culture, and they pick DMX …the promoter his name says enuff.. this is deep and despicable.. better wake up and see whats going on if you say i wanna see him get his ass beat ya sleeping http://insite.bandcamp.com/

  • I won’t be watching…

    if you think about it……didn’t Zimmerman say and have witnesses say that HE couldn’t FIGHT, He sucked horribly at fighting, He couldn’t progress in MMA class past a 1 on a 1-10 scale IN A YEAR+ of TRAINING? Remember all that? Remember Zimmerman, poor old. now CHUBBY Zimmerman (even tho at the time of the incident he WASN’T fat) couldn’t do ANYTHING else BUT shoot the kid….the “defenseless” pistol packing Zimmerman portrait was painted and white america (and the jury) ate it up….
    NOW, we have Zimmerman coming out saying “yeah I love boxing, I was boxing alot before “the incident” and lost weight and became pretty good”………Im sure the public and the JURY especially would of loved to hear about his boxing background….Im sure that boxing history could of helped Mr “defenseless pistol packing” zimmerman right?
    I mean if he couldn’t beat up a 17yr old who was 50lbs lighter than him…..why would he ever want to fight another GROWN man at all? The last time he was “beat so bad he feared for his life” and now he’s all excited to box…..yayyyyyy…..smh
    Everything that has happened SINCE the trial ended has made him look MORE and MORE and MORE guilty and unapologetic and like someone filled with anger issues……problem with WIFE? Pull a gun on her!,…..problem with father-in-law? Pull a gun on him too! problem with NEW GF? pull a shotgun on her and smash tables with the butt-of-the gun, then baracade yourself inside HER HOUSE while pushing her outside….when police show up don’t go outside to talk to them…no….call 911 so “you can get your side of the story out there”…..while GF makes police statement about “you don’t know him…he knows HOW TO PLAY THIS GAME…..
    of course she retracted her statement and the actual physical evidence of that situation apparently doesn’t matter anymore since she won’t press charges….but if anyone can see these things and honestly think he story/verison of that night with 17yr old Trayvon are true….well….I have a great bridge in Kansas to sell ya!

  • Brenda
  • marty mcfly

    Since Zimmerman wants to fight a 43yr old DMX (instead of a healthy rapper like KRS, Immortal Technique, 50 Cent, Killer Mike etc…) and were just gonna treat the Martin family with the same disrespect that the justice system did by making it our entertainment like a dog fight? Why cant they make it a fight to the death?

    • marty mcfly

      by “a health rapper”, I mean one not addicted to drugs and a little mentally off… This coward didn’t wanna fight The Game cause Chuck woulda tried to kill his wannabe cop ass.

      • disqus_xpmwx1oUV3

        Doubt it would matter this is a dude that got overpowered by a 16-17 year old as he claims, which means even DMX might just down right end his shit.

  • iAmRafy

    Fuck outta here, He got overpowered by a 16 year old and shot him, Used that to win his case and now wants to fight a bigger person…


    I think everybody wants to see The Game vs. Zimmerman. I’m scared DMX might lose or get tired.

  • ThinkinUpAMasterPlan

    Aside from the fact that Zimmerman acted in self defense and the world is probably a better place without trayvon in it, this fight is only happening because there is a lot of money to be made from it. You all are complaining about how terrible it is but I’d bet most if not all of you would watch it.

    • disqus_xpmwx1oUV3

      How the hell do you racist attach yourselves to a hip-hop site? You do know nothing you say is going to have any relevance on here, why not take that shit to you’re own forum, obviously racist White men care for us, because you all act as if you’re opinions matter to us and they do not.

      • pol

        Not the guy you’re responding to, but why are we branded as racists when we point out the fact that tray tray was a wannabe thug? The media painted him as a sweet 12 year old boy when he was nothing but. You’re all playing into the media’s narrative, good job.

        • disqus_xpmwx1oUV3

          You’re playing into the media’s hand because half the shit listed and spouted by racist are half truths. Most of the media frenzy were lies, they could not bring him up on any drug charges and he was not walking around knocking kids out. It was all pure White/Jewish media foolishness.

          Meanwhile Zimmerman had a history with the law that daddy saved him from. Are you going to forget that? Do not tell me what we are falling for, as if you speak for me. We are never going to agree, or be friends you’re very nature is neither good or bad it means nothing to me, you support Zimmerman, I support where I stand, you cannot test my bonds they are unbreakable.

        • HeruthaGod (Original N-G-R)

          What sickens me is that dick heads like you think because he smoked weed, got suspended from school & got in trouble with law that somehow that justifies his wrongful murder

          • pol

            I don’t care that he smoked weed, or that he was suspended. But he was seen going in between houses in the rain, and that was suspicious to Zimmerman. What justified his “murder” is the fact that he came back to confront Zimmerman, threw him to the ground, and started to pound his head into the pavement. You guys always seem to forget that little fact.

          • HeruthaGod (Original N-G-R)

            What you seem to forget is that the police told zimmerman TWICE to let them handle it, instead he continued to stalk trayvon. Now if you’re by yourself late at night & someone is following you you have two choices, either run or fight. Obviously trayvon chose the latter. What’s fucked up is zimmerman said he’d fight ANY grown man in this “celebrity” (I hate to call it that)fight yet when it came to a 17 yr old kid he had to pull out a gun, so gtfoh with that bs

      • ThinkinUpAMasterPlan

        LOL I’m black and far from racist. You assume anyone who disagrees with what the media tried to portray is a racist? That says a lot about you lol. Trayvon was a thug and Zimmerman isn’t much better. I’m not saying that that he deserved to die but it’s very hard to feel sympathy for him. To be honest the world would be better off without either of them.

        • disqus_xpmwx1oUV3

          Is this the new tactic when confronted with the truth LOL. I am Black, so what if you are even though we all know you are not. TM being killed does not make the world a better place, that is the stupidest shit I have ever heard, this comes from the mind of a racist you would likely say that about every Black male you come across.

          Now you are backtracking a bit with you’re most recent post LOL, nice try but you already revealed yourself to this site.

  • stefboyrdee

    This entire article perpetuates the victim mentality. DMX does not represent an entire population nor does Zimmerman. Let’s be real about it. Racism will continue to exist as evil has.

  • Tony P

    America is a joke and this is what gets us off, just let it happen baby gurl

  • pol

    I can’t believe people still think that black people are vilified in the media. It’s the complete opposite, really. Remember when that fine, upstanding black man shot a baby in the face a few months back? The media coverage was minimal on that, and they barely showed the face of the black guy. But as soon as the whole Trayvon shooting happened, you had Zimmerman’s face everywhere, and all the media sites claimed he was a white man, when he’s more hispanic than white. The media doesn’t like to report on black violence because it’s not politically correct. Alot of you blacks are mad at the supposed white Zimmerman and white people in general, when your hate should be directed at the media who sensationalized the story in the first place. Their whole agenda was to incite racial tensions between y’all. Black thugs shoot white people every goddamn day, but as soon as a “white” man shoots a black man, suddenly Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson are called, and there are marches everywhere, demanding “justice”, give me a break. You blacks are hypocritical as hell.

    • disqus_xpmwx1oUV3

      The same goes for you whites, you choose to listen to the same media that promote the same negative aspects of Blacks. When a White guy murders someone his ethnicity is hardly brought up, he is classified as the standard human so his race does not matter. The only time when his race is bought up if it is in need of media hype or an indicator of warnings of theft, molestation, or wanted listings.

      A Black man who had a son who was pursued by racist, killed one for being on his property and demanding his son to come out because he wanted to kill him, he tried to kill his son and the man killed him, now he is lying in jail because he was defending his family. Do not make yourselves out to be a victim because you are not. You are just some frustrated White male who is mad because heavy resistance is coming from the Black male.

      We all know you’re race is used to getting what they want and when men like me look at you as ordinary people in the bigger schemes of things you get pissed, because you think yourselves to be Gods. The most conceited, immoral hypocrites I have ever met the whole lot of you.

      • pol

        Funny thing is you assume I’m white, but I’m Hispanic. I see thru the BS in the media, and you’re completely wrong in that they present negative views on blacks. Blacks are hardly criticized. I remember after the Boston Bombing, a site named Salon posted a story saying that they hoped the bomber was a White American male. Look up a video on youtube called “the origins of political correctness”. In it you will see a clip of MSNBC running a story about “evil white men” bringing guns to a convention where I believe Obama was speaking at. They never showed the man, just his gun. The MSNBC hosts said he was inciting racial hatred, but the man was actually a black guy, and he was there because he was against the healthcare reform Obama was trying to pass through. The media is very biased against white people, and any criticizing of blacks is seen as “racist”. You’ve got it completely backwards.

        • disqus_xpmwx1oUV3

          You Hispanic please you are a White man, I expect you to either hide or be racist. It does not bother me, because I can care less. I am Ethiopian, the blacks where I come from do not have the same ties to this country, making you’re points useless and a wasted effort.

          I have seen this foolish conspiracy you speak of, Pol you are nothing but a man who seeks to think somehow the world is against you, it hates, wants to consume you, but we know this is nothing but a ruse. Blacks are not against you, it is you who fall for the bait set by you’re Turk Jew masters.

          You’re own people are inevitably tied to this folly. I have no more use of speaking to you, I know where you stand and quite honest it does not interest me any longer.

          • pol

            I don’t know why you call them Turk Jews, they’re just Zionist Jews bent on destroying western civilization. They’re against all of us, white, black, whatever. Those Zionists control the media, and their agenda is to create tension between the races as I described. If you can’t see that, then you’re completely lost.

          • Dolokhov

            funny how you started out trying point out to some jackass that he is a biggot and in the end you did nothing but show that you are a biggot yourself. want proof? look he agrees with your ideas about jews you piece of shit.

          • disqus_xpmwx1oUV3

            Did I strike a nerve? I am not a bigot I am a realist, chumps like you do not want to face reality. I do not need him to agree, nor does he need for me to agree with him. I could care less what you think of me, I see through the bullshit of idiots like you, expect no quarter from me.

          • Dolokhov

            why don’t you get back to reading the protocols of the elders of zion then? pol also considers himself a realist the two of you should get together and jerk each other off you dumb cunt.

          • disqus_xpmwx1oUV3

            It seems like you are the one with spunk in you’re eye, I do not need to link up with dude, why don’t you make like the King of Pop and beat it kid.

  • It’s a travesty n all that but I still wanna see this shit. If you really that pious, just watch it online or some shit.

    Still gonna watch it regardless, though. I’mma dead n’ buried if Zimmerman knocks out DMX.


    the question people need to ask is were does this fear originate from? im mean people arent born fearing other people in fact people are born with curiosity.now let me ask you another question if i showed you 100 videos of cats scratching people and maybe one are two videos of cats being nice and you never been around cats before you probably would have a general perception that cats are vicious creatures. pac said it best the same thing that white people are scared of black people are scared of the only difference is we have a differences in our day to day mental reality a majority of witch is molded by stereotypical fear inducing propaganda of tv and our peers but they get most of the information fomr the tv as well so were does that leave us.it all goes back to the golden rule he who has the gold makes the rules. this aint a black and white thing because i have no time to hate another human being.i just see things for what thay are.i think tv is set up to give one group of people a mental leg up over another. instead of educating and informing it dictates beauty , popular culture ,acceptable ,unacceptable behaviors in our society , and holds court for popular option.

    • disqus_xpmwx1oUV3

      The real reality is we are fighting Class-ism that also mask itself with racism. It takes me back to watching the matrix. They’re were a lot of Whites asking why so many of the cast were people of color and it goes back to the perception of reality. Whites are dominantly on top, so why would they want to escape they’re lifestyle/reality.

      The impoverished, and the frowned upon people of the world were more open to the fact that they were stuck in a system meant to keep them docile, after finding out this truth they became aware, they were not running, they were fighting for a future that all humanity may benefit from, while the vast majority of Whites did not want to come to this conclusion, because this would mean letting go of power. Thus making it hard for many Whites to come to grips with reality, they’re beliefs, political affiliations, practices, everything that they believed in did not prepare them for the truth.

      This is what hindered many of them from seeing the truth, to Whites, a world where I cannot govern is a world I rather not be in. Cypher of the first one had this rationale.

      • Dolokhov

        well the matrix proves it clearly. you must be very well educated

  • wikig1itch

    George Zimmerman a celebrity!? Straight fuckery…nothing but disrespect…

  • BoRed

    I can’t believe this shit is even real.. shit may be funny on the claymation celebrity deathmatch shit but in real life it’s just offensive.. and if D loses my world will be shattered

    • The thought of this shit seems almost “surreal.”

  • Sirilly

    Shit like this is a prime example of how nothing has changed here in America, and it shows just how powerful these people really are. Knowing that Hip-Hop is embraced by so many people, and that it is of black origin they can stir up serious yet “entertaining” situations such as this in attempt to undermine our people as a whole. I feel like society makes blacks so vulnerable, and were all intelligent enough to understand that. I just wish that we would stop succumbing to it for these little bullshit treats they give us. Or maybe it isn’t treats, maybe it’s something that white america may be giving us that we don’t get from each other. That’s the problem, and I believe that they are very aware of that. I’m all for unity, but I feel that this is just the reality of the situation. And it has been for years.

  • JL

    Tellin me Shake and Meka don’t wanna see this?

  • Great, intelligent read. I appreciate posts like these on this site. Very insightful as well.

  • DOPE
  • truth17

    LOL @ this being posted on 2dopeboyz, who have become the TMZ of hip hop and post straight garbage half the time. Don’t act like you are part of the solution in bringing integrity back in hip hop when you are clearly part of the problem….

  • PV

    Forget hip-hop, it’s horrible for us as a nation

  • Antonio Cisneros

    This is why I fuck with ya’ll 2dope! Always shedding light on heavy issues. Completely agree. People don’t realize that race is so ingrained and unconsciously installed in our brains to the point where racism has just become internalized rather than overt. This stuff is complicated and needs to be brought up and talked about!

  • Elliott See

    Look street justice will out, and if ZImmerman signs up to get his ass kicked, who cares what kind of thug does it. The important thing here is that he gets his ass kicked.

  • greedykasper

    The juror selection was predominantly white but not all. Trayvon was painted to be a harmless little boy then his actions and doings came to light. This boy was an extremely racist and violent young adult. Yet y’all feel pity for the boy. Yes there is racism but I’ve noticed the biggest racist are the”minorities”. Why if you consider yourselves above these “racist conservatives, republicans, crackers honkeys etc etc, do you act even less tolerant than them? Why try so hard to be the stereotypes you so strongly want people not to say? Why follow these rappers and singers who are exactly what “the man”says they are? Why idolize criminals (the majority of rappers are)and scantily clad women. Why must the majority of us minorities be so quickly to blindly follow? No matter their races both Trayvon and George were wrong. Yet no one sees that they always just want to take a side and be a sheep