Isaiah Rashad – Cilvia Demo (Album Stream)

blame it on Illy February 7, 2014
cilvia cover

With Isaiah Rashad’ Cilvia Demo out now on iTunes, TDE’s latest addition is offering up the 14-track project on Spotify to stream in its entirety free-of-charge. Stream Cilvia Demo, featuring ScHoolboy Q, Jay Rock, SZA and more, down below.

  • sick TDE only drops jewels

  • xastey

    Lost count how many times I played through this.

  • Garron

    People sleepin on this project and they really shouldn’t be

  • HeruthaGod (Original N-G-R)

    This tape quickly became one of my favorites once I finally heard it. I feel like it may be overlooked although it is a TDE project, that “heavenly father” track is gold

    • Pizza Steve

      Agreed! “Heavenly Father” is for the soul.

  • Black Crime Rate

    Not falling for the hype, not feelin’ it.

    • Guest


    • shake

      Hype has nothing to do with this, but troll on my dude. Troll on.

  • AndOneill

    Yea this is a really dope project man! Its smooth shit, an easy listen! I can see now why TDE signed him up. Got a lot of rotation sinced it dropped! Menthol is a dope track

  • biff tannen

    Dag Savage album >>>>>>>>>>> this.

    Peolple fall for the hype and then sleep on truly great projects smh

    Sad times

    • vaci

      Haha these kinda comments kill me. People think that if you don’t agree with what they think is hot, your taste in music is wack haha. Take a break from the Internet, bro.

    • shake

      Umm… why can’t BOTH be dope? It’s not like anyone said in the post or comments “This is so much better than Dag Savage” smh.

      • biff tannen

        Better question, why cant i post my opinion without individuals catching feelings over it???

        But to answer your question, they can be…but they’re not. Imo anyway. Dag Savage is dope. This was meh.

  • Exhibit C

    I liked it but didn’t love it. I stopped listening to it a couple days after it came out. Maybe I’ll go back and give it another try. I thought the production was a little too unpolished for my car stereo system. A lot of it sounded too distorted and the distortion took away from the vocals.

    • Think that’s kind of the sound he was going for. A lot of it does sound unpolished, but it works in my opinion. He kind of went with the whole “Demo” theme which is why I think he titled it that. A lot of demos back in the day had really rough mixes and gave them a true gritty underground feel. Dude still has a lot of time to grow so I think this is only the beginning of what he has to offer. Looking forward to more music from him.

      • xastey

        If this is true then I think it was a great move. It allows him room to grow an experiment rather then people comparing it to his old stuff. You see how everyone is doing Kendrick. Having that demo feel gives us more to wait for rather then giving us his best all up front for a intro.

  • Pizza Steve

    This album is so good!

  • Rob_Watts

    I thought this was a dope ass project. He def impressed the ppl with this ep.. and I agree “Heavenly Father” is one of the tightest tracks on there. My favorite is “Modest”, I be bangin that shit everyday lol

  • Mez D

    First two listens liked it but thought it was kind of dull.
    500 listens later this is so fuckin dope. Heavenly Father, Modest, RIP Kevin Miller, Tranquility, West Savannah, really every track on here is dope.

    • shake

      It’s definitely one of those albums that resinates with your soul man. The more you listen the more you enjoy it, at least for me.

  • cam

    I swear this is the only thing I’ve been playin since it came out. This shxt is fxckin ridiculous!! The whole album is good!! I don’t I’ve heard a bad song from him yet. I got the chance ta meet him in LA at his little release event. He’s a good dude as well. Hope he keeps up the good work!!

  • Kevin Tran

    I been telling people about this kid. He’s gonna blow up. Favorite track is “Modest.” Cant wait for Oxymoron however. TDE gonna be running things this year.