• BoRed

    OH FUCK YES! I'm from KC and a big fan of anything Strange so this is big news for me! Strange is gettin to be a problem, yadadamean?

  • snekkersten


  • snekkersten

    now they just need to sign freddie gibbs

  • marty mcfly


  • Q Z A

    woah WHAT??!! did not see this coming but holy shit is this awesome... KC!!!


    damn, now they got fucking Murs oh shit reminds me of Def Jux back in the days

  • soulprint

    SM always were an unstoppable force, now this is ridiculous. They killing it right now, TDE? Nuh-uh

  • jdzz

    Wow, probably the last thing I'd ever expect

  • fonzo517

    hell yea