Chief Keef – War

blame it on JES7 February 8, 2014

The “Chiraqian” follows up “All I Care About Is Money” with “War,” expected to live on his Bang pt.3 out March 4th. Meh. Commence “JES is a hater” comments… now. Spotted NahRight.

  • Hugh G. Dickson

    What a stupid question asked by 2DB – Chicago has a higher, murder rate than Iraq or Afghanistan.

    #warondrugs #racewar #policestaterebellion

    • wat

      How does that relate to the question? They asked why doesn’t he just join the military since he loves war so much.

      • Exactly. Although my stance on the military has switched, I still think it’s a great place for kids his age to gain some damn discipline and mature a lot quicker. I was a hot head myself (minus the gunplay and excessive violence) and I had the choice to continue down that dumb path or join the military, which helped me as an 18 year old grow up really fast. The military sort of rehabilitates (and aso brainwashes, depending on how mentally capable one is) the young, naive mind and it’s ways. Prison? Nope.

        BTW, I don’t hate the guy, just the music he makes.

        • Pizza Steve

          I agree with you… These dudes on here “dislike” anything that doesn’t match their opinions…

          • I don’t lose sleep over shit like this lol.

  • Your Best Friend

    Jesus, what the fuck am I listening to right now and why is this guy still on the blogs? It ain’t 2012 anymore, his debut album dropped, that should’ve been the last we heard from him.

  • OGBobbyJohnson

    I thought Ye was supposed to helping Keef out on Bang 3 what is this shit???

  • Enjoyer of Music

    JES is a hater

    but hate on brother, because i agree…this is wack

  • Terry.

    this guy smh…..coughing…fuck…..

  • fonzo517

    If you guys don’t like Keef than why do you come to this post. If I don’t like pizza I’m not gonna go to a pizzeria just to talk shit to the owner about how wack pizza is. Do something better with ya time

    • wat

      What exactly makes YOUR comment better time spent than the ones “hating?” Just curious.

      • D72

        the point is he didn’t come here to explore something he already knows he dislikes

        • wat

          That may be so but “do something better with ya time” is a pretty funny thing to say when ultimately we’re all doing the same thing.

          • Alonzo

            No we aren’t. He likes Keefs music so he clicks on this to listen and enjoy the music. That’s not a waste of time and its a positive use of his time. However, if u hate his music you are going out of your way to just say it sucks. Therefore you DEF can be doing something better with your time.

          • wat

            Nope… It may be a positive thing to do, but whether positive or negative, you’re still using your time in the same way. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying he shouldn’t like Keef (I’m neutral in this) but it’s kinda stupid imo to say that commenting “hate” is a waste of time when commenting positively spends the same amount of time. By all means comment your support for the artist but have a better insult for the “haters”

          • fonzo517

            I’m saying that if you don’t like Keef, then why would you click on this post just to talk shit knowing before hand that you’re not going to like it? I get that everybodys using their time the same way when writing a comment but my point is why would you click on this in the first place when the soul purpose of that is just to say how terrible a rapper he is? Why wouldn’t you just pass over it and go listen to something you’re more likely to enjoy

          • wat

            Yeah I def feel you on that. But I mean, if I don’t like something I should have the right to share it too. There are trolls though, so yeah I feel you.

    • Pizza Steve

      I love Pizza! lol this sucks tho. C’mon son we got better taste than this crap.

    • NoWuff

      Actually, I would argue that the hate does serve a purpose. It warns people that haven’t been exposed yet.

  • LaFlame

    Say what you want but that 1st verse goes hard AF

  • Guest

    Great ad-lib: “War, War” cough* cough*

  • Hood Oracle

    who is that on the hook…he sound like he in the middle of the desert yelling and screaming for a glass of water

    • disqus_xpmwx1oUV3

      LOL, I’m weak!

  • Tony P

    Where the fuck do i download this dope ass shit. Hard as fuck

  • g☯☯d kid, mAAtt P

    please dont post this garbage again

  • Selorm Amuzu

    Truth be told, I fucked with Chief Keef before his debut, at least he sounded less retarded now anything after finally rich gets no love from me lol

  • Ryan Buell

    Woooo…..Came here hoping for a banger, but yikes is this atrocious

  • seangevity

    the only thing worse than this song is that it’s getting shared on websites. *leaves the internet for the day

  • Graffiti Fettuccini

    He’s not on beat at all lmao

  • geedubbz