Flatbush ZOMBiES’ Erick Arc Elliott Releases Collection of 2012 Demos

blame it on Shake February 9, 2014

Simply out of boredom last night, Erick Arc Elliott of the Flatbush ZOMBiES decided to upload some unreleased joints that he laced back in 2012.

Included on the nine-track mix, which boasts the same quality as past ZOMBiE releases, is the Childish Gambino-assisted “God Save the Villain” which comes in at the 11:27 mark (or below by itself).

01 Father of Influence f. Jori (co-prod Jolin Ras) 1:41
02 Day Brake 6:04
03 Blah 10:37
04 God Save the Villain f. Childish Gambino 11:27
05 Ma 14:54
06 Erick’s Room 16:07
07 Swamp Fever (prod. The Remedy) 19:33
08 themakeupbreakup 22.29
09 Taxi Cab f. Kaya 27:50

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    This is tough.

  • BoRed

    I would like a nice neat file of these somehow

    • vendetta6546

      Disqus fucked up my reply and made it a separate comment with ‘Guest’ as the author. So, again…

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        I appreciate it fam, but it’s only letting me download the Childish Gambino joint for some reason

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          Yea, it’s because I posted the wrong link. Just one of them days. Here ya go :

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            You the shit

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            Yup thanks fam exactly what I was looking for…

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    Whats the sample of the girl singing on the last track?