• Sirilly


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    This is tough.

  • BoRed

    I would like a nice neat file of these somehow

    • vendetta6546

      Disqus fucked up my reply and made it a separate comment with 'Guest' as the author. So, again... http://d.pr/a/yekh

      • BoRed

        I appreciate it fam, but it's only letting me download the Childish Gambino joint for some reason

        • vendetta6546

          Yea, it's because I posted the wrong link. Just one of them days. Here ya go : http://d.pr/f/OzJL

          • BoRed

            You the shit

          • dopeheadz

            Yup thanks fam exactly what I was looking for...

  • Guest
  • AmIDickRidingyet

    Whats the sample of the girl singing on the last track?