Talib Kweli On Being Labeled a Conscious Rapper, Macklemore Beating Out Kendrick

blame it on JES7 February 9, 2014

OutDaBoxRadio phone tapped Talib Kweli for an in-depth interview where he built on a variety of topics, ranging from his sixth studio album, Gravitas, being labeled a “conscious rapper,” his new movement, #Kweliclub and rappers being recruited into the Illuminati.

Later, Kweli talks about the current standing of Black Star and his relationship with Hi-Tek. On the topic of Macklemore making a clean sweep and beating Kendrick Lamar out at the GRAMMYs, Kweli said he’s not surprised at all and said “It’s kind of silly” for people to be shocked at the outcome. He went on to say:

I do think it’s misguided to direct your anger toward Macklemore & Ryan Lewis. I don’t think it’s their fault, I think they worked hard. I think they deserve all the accolades and praise.

  • Eric

    why dont you stop posting stories like an amateur blog and provide your news with a source and/or link to original audio like any moderately professional website

    • datbul

      Loool. Damn. You came at 2DBz hard.

      • Eric

        I love the site, it was a great medium thru which I got passionate for hip-hop years ago & its still one of the truest sources for new music. but I havent noticed progression in past years, seems more like regression as far as general slacking with write-ups and textual proficiency of posts. this was just one small exemplification. I’m writing this because I hope Shake and/or Meka takes a look because I give fucks bout the site, considering I made a fuckin disqus for this comment. so I might as well let them know that they have a sincere base of listeners that care about the music. but their uniquely positive inclination toward underrated and overlooked music is not positively reflected by inadequate technicality in their literary representation.

  • RϰϰςΨ

    Talib Kweli is among the most boring rappers ever.