Wiz Khalifa – We Dem Boyz (prod. Detail)

blame it on Shake February 10, 2014

With plans to releases his Blacc Hollywood LP sometime this year, Wiz Khalifa liberates the first single. Linking up with Shazam, the Taylor Gang leader delivers the Detail-produced “We Dem Boyz (Hol’ Up)” for our listening pleasure. Take a listen below and let us know your thoughts on Wiz’s first go’round with the new album.

  • MusicHead


  • Mitch

    Wiz needs to go back to his roots. Seems like he’s losing more and more fans each time he releases a single/album (yet he’s got so many it probably means nothing to him)…

  • nokeys

    I don’t know how the jump between mix tapes and albums are always so consistently vast. His mix tapes are just a million times better and it doesn’t make sense.

  • chilly

    Pretty much what we’ve come to expect from wiz in terms of wack lyrical content, but this shit is kinda catchy…

  • JemPage

    Dude needs to spend less money on those foreign cars and more keeping the fridge stocked

  • Jay

    No thank you

  • Your Best Friend

    God awful

  • MusicHead

    Y’all really some computer geek no personality robot like fags on here, y’all can’t hear record that’s meant to be just played for fun & witcha boys to get hype to? What world y’all live in cuz it must be lack of personality .. He didn’t mean for it to be lyrical it’s meant to be catchy as hell & somethin u can bob ya head & blast in the whip witcha niggas. y’all niggas be actin gay on this site b. Smh this mf CATCHY & HARD.

    • Ryuk918

      You’re attitude is why people don’t treat hip hop as the art form it is. There is a way to craft a radio single or club banger and still make it a great song. (Big Pimpin anyone?) But you and mooks like you will listen to aaaaaaaanythiiiiiing and claim it’s that shit. GTFOHWTBS

      • MusicHead

        No faggot, you tryna put rules & certain boundaries to fit YOUR personal preference in music specifically Hip Hop/Rap & tryna put it in a box..Hip Hop/Rap is great genre & is like the black race anything mixed with it’s claimed black/hip hop.. & in this case Hip Hop has hella sub genres just like there are hella diff ethnicities & mixes that make up black point is this..stop tryna put shit in a box to use as excuse as this is “trash” cause it really isn’t..if you don’t like it keep the fuck movin then..cuz I bet you somewhere down the road it’s someone not “hip hop” u like & you’ll be contradicting the fuck out of yourself.

      • Pizza Steve

        Haha YES! Perfect response bro. That’s the problem today, people take ANY & EVERYTHING that’s handed to them. Smh

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  • dro03

    is this chief keef or wiz? dude needs to leave that autotune back in the flight school days

  • Trizzy

    This is as far from Kush & OJ and as close to Future as I could have possibly anticipated.

    In other words: NO

  • Sounds like Lil Durk/Young Thug. And why is Wiz’ frail ass wearin’ a picnic cloth.

  • disqus_pyrGXaSTDx

    nigga hoping drake notices it and jumps on it


      drake remixing this shit is literally the only way this track will stay hot

  • three

    Times like this make me wish there was a NOPE button..

  • quas

    how can you go from a song like Legends in The Making p2 with dza and spitta and then drop this??

  • thatrandomguy

    I’m a fan of Wiz. This is disappointing.

  • Jay Hong

    horrible, horrible, HORRIBLE song

  • Pizza Steve

    Nope. This is the Wiz I like –

    • Check

      Fav track off rolling papers

  • WTF this shit sound bad even when im smacked lol

  • SleepyTheGreat

    So disappointing

  • God Body

    Great someone finally sampled that “holla” dude from chappelles show.

  • NoWuff

    I might not like it, but this shit is about to blow. up.

  • AlexFirth91

    Bad…WTF is wrong with this nigga smh. Get back to making smooth shit like Mezemorized or In The Cut.