• aGame

    Just watched this, good interview. Don't know how people can hate on him. If i became a multi millionaire i would look after my friends to.

  • TrueGem17

    Maybe he should start making ANY music to prove people wrong. When was the last time Bleek dropped an album? 2005. What was the single? Last Summer by Jay-Z. That's right. Bleek better keep chilling somewhere.

    • vaci

      "Dear" Summer. He's been dropping 3 to 4 tracks a year. Nothing special.

  • marty mcfly

    I could understand what Bleek is saying but hey its not like he got dealt a bad hand of cards though. The verse wasn't just focused on him, it was about the whole Roc period. Jayz - "People lined up to see the Titanic sinking, Instead we rose up from the ash like a phoenix"... That was a dope verse when it came out back in the day.

    • shake

      I remember the first time I heard it quite vividly haha. Epic verse IMO.

      • marty mcfly

        Word. Thats when he first said that line "Im not a businessman, Im a business, man"... People still saying that line from Jay today.

        • Jay Daniels

          Lol that line FOREVER lives on for real you ain't wrong there

  • biff tannen

    No one cares about what bleek has to say about anything. Ever.

  • lar$

    Nigga blaming jay for his ceiling? bleek has no gems. smh, i guess g

  • Nicolas Thomas

    Bleek was just that dude that never got to pop with fans. I never figured out what it was. I loved him on his appearances on Jay's records, and his albums were decent enough. He just didn't have that appeal to market himself as anything other than Jay's right hand man. At least he made out better than Beans and Jaz.

  • Major

    It's funny that in the end all this did was make me like Hov more than Bleek

  • SleepyTheGreat

    He Didn't Answer The Question, What Happened To Amil?