Game - THOT (Thirsty Hoes Out There) f. Problem & Badd Lucc


Produced by the League Of Starz, Jayceon grabs Chachi for this latest rally call against slovenly women. Props to the LA Leakers.

As a bonus, check out Game and Too $hort's guest feature on AV's “Run Me My Money” remix below.

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  • datbul

    THOT97 is better.

  • Prince Akeem

    biggest dickrider in the game

    • datbul


    • SleepyTheGreat

      Realist Shit Ever, Nigga Need To Sit Down and Get Them VH1 Checks.

  • Stevie Janowski

    Game is dope


    Im so tired of the word thot. Everybody on my twitter keeps using that shit like they're funny

  • jordan

    bipolar ass nigga watch his daughter be like daddy whats thot

  • Terry.

    fucking banger game lucc and PROBLEM

  • IG: MyNameIs_Earl_

    This guy hops on every bandwagon nothings original from dude anymore and it irritates me cuz dude used to be top 5 now.... Nothing else needs to be said

    • Trizzy

      Agreed, I used to listen to him heavy. His name was even in the mix for that Zimmerman fight. Probably trying to redeem himself for a corny ass show. You gonna put mount George's head on the plaque and put it next to 40 Glocc's? HAH

  • NoWuff

    Not a bad beat tho

  • Đ℞ΞV/

    wow Game dickriding Chicago slang. Game dick rides everything.

  • jerry kurl

    You are all so emotional. Game does this game does that. Do you like the fucking song or not? Its a mixtape song who cares if its about THOTS go back to your minimum wage jobs

  • Bone$

    That sample with that beat was nice, as for the lyrics I wasn't really listening to any of them.

  • who cares

    Fuck this is terrible... Maybe my opinion is negative because I just listened to The Documentary last night, but this is just embarrassing. Had to cut it off at a minute 30.