Kanye West Plays Pharrell “Never Let Me Down” in Never-Before-Seen Clip

blame it on Illy February 13, 2014

Here’s more footage of Kanye during the making of his critically-acclaimed debut LP, The College Dropout. ‘Ye plays Pharrell “Never Let Me Down” for the first time and raps his verse on the JAY Z-assisted track which he hadn’t even laid down yet.

P’s reaction: Priceless.

Below, Coodie liberates more previously unreleased footage of Kanye and Consequence freestyling back-and-forth while driving around in the streets of NYC.

Footage courtesy of Complex Music.

  • $$$

    Man they need to keep these videos coming

  • Jay Selva

    Pharrell’s reaction was pretty much mine when I first heard this song!

    • Jay Daniels

      Pharrells reaction. Kanyes smile. Hip-hop is a beautiful thing.

  • malcyvelli

    /people don’t wanna acknowledge Ye’s greatness, don’t wanna jock too hard but real shit the nigga changed the genre forever and still is

    • FireMadeFlesh

      Not knocking Ye’s contributions, but I think Outkast & Missy Elliott/Timbaland beat him to the punch (by nearly a decade) & did more to change Hip Hop as we knew it.

      • malcyvelli

        Lol no man, just no. Agree to disagree though.

  • Guest


  • holeinone

    cons and ye used to make great music together then cons turned into a bitch and fucked his career up

    • Prince Akeem

      dont take sides we dont know the whole story

      • AmIDickRidingyet

        something that should be applied to every issue about a celebrity. people too quick to say something.

  • Nicolas Thomas

    I wanna hear what a Kanye X Pharrell collaboration album would sound like.

    • wat

      Gotta Have It on Watch the Throne was mainly produced by The Neptunes. Close enough lol

      • Nicolas Thomas

        Fuck that lol. They was supposed to make that CRS album with Lupe, but it just never materialized, I always hear that they are such good friends and how they love each others work so much, I just want to hear them work together more often. I hope they get together to do something for Ye’s new album coming out.

        • wat

          Yeah some Pharrell production would be a great new direction for him. Especially with Pharrell so on fire lately. Then again, Kanye doesn’t like to share the spotlight.

  • ye been that dude and he keep elevating

  • Cam TexasBoy Perry

    wonder why lupe and kanye don’t collaborate on more records together. a collab album from them two would be fire

  • PV

    I really needed this man. failed a midterm today

    • Thee Knockout Artist

      damn bro you in college? I been there keep ya head up my g

      • PV

        haa yeah fam. good looking out bruh

        • Thee Knockout Artist

          what subject

  • linneasnow


  • mel

    you can tell ye & con had great chemistry working its all gone v_v

  • fikkid

    I need all the videos! ALL!

  • fonzo517

    seems like a lot of vintage kanye videos been comin out lately

  • Ohms

    watched this last year



  • @ScHoolboyTom twitter

    What happened to kanye