KiD CuDi Unveils ‘Satellite Flight’ Artwork & Tracklist

blame it on Meka February 13, 2014

After stirring the pot by saying he will release his “best work to date,” CuDi took to the Twitter to unveil the cover art (designed by him) as well as the (digital) tracklisting to his anticipated fourth album which is set to drop soon. This actually isn’t the “final version,” as the physical copies of the album will include more songs. Check out the whole shebang below, then provide your thoughts in the c-section.

  • Kyle

    Nothing new (this was on his beer bottles for Becks in the summer) but still dope.

    • This has been his logo since his first album basically.. really uninspired cover but let’s hope for some good new Cudi tracks I guess..

      • Black Crime Rate

        The cover looks like a rough sketch, pretty shitty, he should’ve handed that over to a real designer to take it to the next level, but I’m sure his ego got in the way of that.

        • maus

          His ego gets in the way of everything. I used to love his music, but can’t seem to continuously listen to him like most of my favorite artists. I couldn’t figure out why until I realized it was because his music, like him, is a little too depressing and odd.

  • Jay Daniels

    All this moon/space shit is getting corny he sounds like a 15 year old boy geeked up on sci-fi. I can’t get jiggy with that shit.

    • MidKnightMaRawder

      Dude said it’s corny than said “jiggy”. HA

      • Shahbaz Briscoe

        Dog I thought the same shit. Dude on that A$AP lingo… waaaaacck

      • corpz

        Cmon son. Its a reference to Next Friday.

      • Kyle

        Na na na na nana na gettin “jiggy” with it!


      • fonzo517

        lol you’ve never seen next Friday when that African dude walks into the store and trys to return his cd?

        • Ghost Of Len Bias


        • Guest

          LOL i just saw that shit last week

      • hahaha

  • MadVillain

    “Too bad i have to destroy you now” lmfaoooo I cracked up

  • AlexFirth91

    Must cop.

  • Nicolas Thomas

    Hopefully it’s better than Indicud was.

    • Statethefacts

      i personally enjoyed induced a lot

      • Nicolas Thomas

        It was ok, but I expect so much from a Cudi project that it just didn’t meet my expectations. To each’s own, I can definitely see the appeal in it, I just don’t really play it anymore when compared to how much I play his older projects.

  • Pizza Steve

    Should be dope!

  • IG: MyNameIs_Earl_

    Always fucked with Cudi, I’d be lying if I said every song he dropped has been dope but as a whole he’s a dope artist

  • JemPage

    did my man design this at 32dpi tho

  • LOL

    Best work to date huh? lets see then…

  • Grant Hargett

    Wow man… I just continuously exploded like that episode of Family Guy when the house kept exploding lol

  • Jared McGhee

    My nigga got Raphael Sadiiq on a track thoooooo cant wait to hear that!