• Eyinjay

    If you get it at Target, better pay with cash. haha

    • shake


  • JemPage

    Feb 25 couldn't come any quicker

  • Sticky

    One of those has got to be the one featuring Danny brown

    • fonzo517


  • ktondre

    I'm hoping one of those two bonus tracks is "Banger (MOSHPIT)." I didn't see it listed on the track listing before...

    • Marley71

      50 would sound good on "Banger".

  • xastey

    Target you better not fuck up like you did on the K.Dot release. Go in and they have NO albums out. Bitch ass employee ask me if I wanted Taylor Swift, after bitching them out they go in the back and bring out 4 .. I repeat 4 copies of gkmc.


    • fuc a hype beast

      i went thru the same shit. bitch ass employees were holdin' them for themselves

  • DOPE
  • disqus_pyrGXaSTDx

    Rocky feature?

    • nicoswebaby

      should be on one of the bonuses.. he said in a interview a while back, "the usual suspects.. Rocky, team members etc" if not I'm going to be a bit disappointed, but it won't be the world, just want the full set nooow

  • Just My Opinion

    Just checked Amazon.

    Standard - 12 Tracks which stops at "Man of the Year"
    Deluxe - 15 tracks which stops at "FUCK LA". Those are the "3 bouns ones"
    think the extra two from this version are "Yay Yay" & "Gravy". Q
    did say "Yay Yay" was on different versions of the album yesterday
    during the Hot97 stream of it. So... doesn't seem like we're getting any
    extra songs other than the 17 already announced.