• anjt

    Wow, he missed the hype by months. Chamillionaire's time is over...

    • Dios

      If you aint benn attentive it doesn't mean Cham's been silent. Go on chamillionaire.com and check many of his latest tracks. You'll def like them

      • anjt

        I believe you, I heard his mixtapes and EPs, but his high time is over.
        What I was talking about though, was that Cham missed the Breaking Bad hype by months.

  • fonzo517

    breaking bad was that shit tho...still waitin on Netflix to put up the final 8 episodes

  • ahijah sellassie

    I miss Cham Music he rips it I hope we get an album

  • Pizza Steve

    Chamilitary mane!!

  • Dios

    Super tight song. Cham is still on Rap Olympus

  • Sipan Kazaryan

    Been on repeat since it dropped yesterday. DOPE.

  • Juanmiguel

    Another great song. Can't wait for the album

  • James Chamillitary Marlar

    This song is too dope, he going to hit us with that poison

  • Eden O.

    another dope storytelling song and hook from King Koopa!

  • xx601_Boyxx

    song got alot of replay value....good smooth track

  • http://www.twitter.com/Thomas_Bland21 Tbland21

    Song is great! Cant wait for posion !

  • Santiago Jimmy Nieblas

    crazy song have to listen to for sure