J. Cole – She Knows (Video)

blame it on Shake February 14, 2014

Directed by Sam Pilling.

Let the Valentine’s Day posting begin! J. Cole gets things going with the official video for “She Knows” featuring Amber Coffman and the Cults.

Both Cole’s Born Sinner and Dreamville’s Revenge of the Dreamers mixtape, available now.

  • codeboi

    Shoutout to J.Cole man. The fundamentals have gotten him where he is and he continues to grow. The underdog is winning. Slowly but surely.

  • dookie nachos

    Big J. Cole fan but i’m not understanding the concept of the vid. Isn’t the song about him cheating on his girlfriend? Still a dope track though

    • dboss22

      Could be off here, but I’m taking it like this…the kid lives with his mom & his stepfather. The guy doesn’t look like he cares for the kid too much, he’s pretty dark, while the kid is very light skinned, and the kid is boosting him for some cash. All stuff that leads me to believe he’s his stepfather, or in the very least the guy knows the kid isn’t his, so consequently they don’t like each other too much. Either way, it appears the kid doesn’t know who his father is & when he walks in on his mom banging Cole, Cole looks at him like holy shit, that’s my son & appears to try and get up as if to talk to the kid, but the mom stops him. The kid’s pissed off until he realizes that Cole’s his dad.

      • Cam TexasBoy Perry

        yea thats what i got from this

      • biff tannen

        Spot on

        • fuc a hype beast

          we don’t believe u. u need more ppl lol

          • biff tannen


      • marty mcfly

        Newsflash, dark skin black people can have light skin children, especially if one of the parents is light skin. You got all that from the video but the song says none of that lyrically. Its the same shit with the Crooked Smile video. Cole will make a song about valentines day and then make a video about black history month. The visuals will be about one thing and the song is about something else almost completely.

        • Tokyo Nomaku

          I agree with that… . I think people are missing the need for money in order to drink and smoke some. Just saying.

  • biff tannen

    This shoulda been the second single imo

    • You

      He did make this his second single

  • IG: MyNameIs_Earl_

    Dude took a very theatrical route with the videos from this album thinkin outside the box dats why my nigga is top 5

  • marty mcfly

    Cole is good for making complex and elaborate videos to the very shallow and easily comprehensible songs he’s done.

    • AmIDickRidingyet

      I think Lupe did the same thing. In an interview he mentioned how the 3 videos that were connected didn’t really have anything to do with the music and that the songs were more for just the background. This leads me to believe that music videos can be more than just extended elaborations on the music they’re based off of and can be a completely separate manifestation that the artist chooses to go with. Regardless of what the music is about, the video is still by the artist (with possible collaborations from other minds) and I don’t think it takes away from the song or video or the idea of either at all. Cole at least made it loosely connected with the title here. You’ve also made the same observation on another Cole post before which is kind of stupid to me considering your apparent favorite artists do the same things. Why do you keep up this act bro?

      • marty mcfly

        The thing with Lupe is those songs your talking about do have something to do with the three videos and vice versa. The videos do make sense with those Lupe songs so it wasn’t just background music. So NO, other artists dont do the same thing and even if they did my observation remains the same. Now you can make whatever kinda argument you want, THE FACT will still remain that the song did not express what they video did. Is it somewhat connected? Yes. Can artists make loosely based videos if thats what they wanna do? Yes BUT as someone who watched it, if its easy to see and hear that the message of the song isnt whats being expressed visually then it is what it is and personally I think its a disconnect artistically when you have a song saying one thing and a video showing another. Rappers can do that if they want to but if I or somebody else points that out then dont be mad at me for saying what you probably thought yourself as you were watching it. Its a shallow attempt to express something from a video directors point of view that he didnt put into song. The song was a shallow song about rappers trickin on thirsty hoes (a theme Cole talks about ALOT), some shit about Martin Luther King in the club, and some cliche shit about bitches and hoes and some shit about him seeing Michael Jackson when he dies… Its was just complete bullshit of a song. This video is dealing with some dishonesty in the context of a family unit with a father, mother and child. Now you can make the connection based on the title ‘She Know” but id say its a false attempt to make it as if Cole did some deep artistic shit until you really listen to the song and discover its rap garbage.

        • biff tannen


          Bet, if this was a jay z video you’d have an even longer rant praising him for doing the exact same thing

          • marty mcfly

            I’m saying that the lyrics to this song dont match the visuals. Now I dont know what about the easily understand statement brings the bitch out in you but clearly its the truth about the song/video.

          • biff tannen

            Ohhhhh the irony lol

        • Young

          What are these three videos by Lupe?

      • biff tannen

        European aetists do it all the time as well. I think its an interesting thing to do. Makes you pay more attention to the video.

    • biff tannen

      Better than jays latest craptacular music videos for mchg

      • marty mcfly

        NO. Jayz shits on Cole’s career musically, and visually. Cole is about 4 to 6 years into his career so far. By the time Jay was on his 4th to 6th year in his career Jay was already at The Dynasty/Blueprint level by that time and by then Jay had clearly made better music then Cole at this stage in his career. Visually Jay had made about 30 music videos by this time and none of them went off into subject matters that the lyrics to his songs didnt clearly give explanation for. Whether you think Cole’s videos are good or bad is not the point of my opinion.

        • biff tannen

          Your opinion is invalid on the count of blatant stannibalism.

          • marty mcfly

            Then stop reading them. Your responses never add anything or take anything away from my comments so yours aint even worth saying . For my opinion to be “invalid” the lyrics to the song would’ve described the visuals, which they do not. You lose again

          • biff tannen

            Lol what an idiot

      • marty mcfly

        The concept of the Picasso Baby video alone is more creative then any video Cole has done thus far. Making videos that aint connected to what the song about is artistically kinda wack imo.

        • Starks

          how the hell did you not get the connection? my god, are you that stupid? LOL. Clearly the video was through the boy’s perspective instead of Cole’s. COLE’S CAMEO AS THE GUY SNEAKING AROUND WITH THE BOY’S MOM WAS THE HINT.

          • marty mcfly

            Go read my comments below where I said this video is somewhat connected BUT… You yourself is saying “Clearly the video was through the boys perspective…” OK well that further makes my point that the song is NOT what the video is. That takes me back to my other point from earlier. If you write a song about valentines day and make a music video about black history month then yeah the shit is connected but that doesn’t mean the song you wrote lyrically describes the visuals. In the song Cole never mentions the situations in this video. Now you can go on and on not comprehending this simple fact but it is what it is.

          • Starks

            LOL oh Marty, you never seem to amaze me with your lack of understanding of perception in art.

          • marty mcfly

            I get it, its “art” so therefore what im saying should be obvious if you got ears and eyes. Listen to the song and then watch the video? You blind? Is not what im saying just the obvious truth? Ok then

          • KGG

            The song is about cheating and you both know that your cheating. “I creep with this pretty young thang that I chose and she could be doing the same thing I suppose.” The video is a soundtrack for that idea it does not have to match the song exactly, but the connect is obvious. It’s just obvious that your dislike for Cole compels you to crticize him everytime.

          • marty mcfly

            NO, the thing is people like you read what I’ve said and know EXACTLY what im saying and what I mean and you probably agree with it but your respond back as if there is some confusion about what I said. You’ve heard the song and seen the video and know exactly what im saying and why I said it so I know you people love Cole but no need to act like you dont understand my comments.

          • KGG

            Yes i know exactly what you said and I understand that the video and song are not completely connected but you act like the main theme of the video is not the main theme in the song. Like I said, the song is a soundtrack for the music video. The same way movie trailers or movies themselves use songs but the lyrics do not completely match the song. There is no problem with that and there is no problem with this. Every comment I’ve seen you make of Cole has been negative anyway so you obviously hate before you play it.

          • marty mcfly

            The thing is you mothafucks love Cole so much that you’ll just pretend you dont see something when I or somebody else talks about what he just showed you. If he writes a song about the color red and then makes a video about the color orange then yes they are connected but still they aint the same color. I mean thats as simple as it can be explained at this point.

          • KGG

            But the climax of the video is cheating and the theme of the song is cheating. The colors seem pretty similar to me. Why are you acting like there is a complete disconnect when the video and song are obviously related. You don’t have to like the video but its a fact that the song and the video connect.

          • Starks

            Like even the sample connects with the video and you’re telling that it “somewhat connects”?

        • biff tannen

          The video for Picasso baby was s pretentious piece of shit. Stop it marty.

          • marty mcfly

            “pretentious”? Thats a word that fits Cole alot more then Jayz. Jayz doesn’t do “pretentious” because any accolade, artist quality or status that one could use to imply Jay is being “pretentious” is the outcome of Jay building a whole career for almost the past 20 years. So at that point Jay making a video like Picasso Baby which visually sends that message that Jayz is a artist or the equivalent of a work of art? Is no longer a “pretentious” message anymore. Its too much evidence that suggests that is just probably the truth of the matter. Now making a video with a bunch of more complex messages to a song that has no mention of several different events that took place in the video is way more “pretentious” to me then making a song called Picasso Baby and shooting a video in an art gallery.

          • biff tannen

            Real artist don’t put profit over their artistic integrity. Just stop marty, you sound stupid……er.


          • marty mcfly

            When did Jay ever put profit over artistic integrity? He’s probably the last rapper that would do some shit like that. Jayz is an artist thats singed to himself as founder of the Roc so if anything his artist integrity is what brings him profit. If your talking Moment Of Clarity then your still too stupid to figure out the message in the song.

          • marty mcfly

            Jayz – “and I cant help the IF IM ONE OF THEM so…”

          • marty mcfly


          • biff tannen

            “Truthfully I wanna rhyme like common sense, but I did 5 mil, I ain’t rhyme like common since.- jay

            I’m not a business man, ima BUSINESS man.- jay

            Now please stfu. Youre embarrassing yourself……again.


          • marty mcfly

            Yeah and clearly you dont understand the meaning of those rhymes and on top of that being an artist thats about your business is just intelligent its not putting profit over artistry. The same artistic integrity and mentally, right after the song Moment of Clarity then created…
            99 Problems
            Justify My Thug
            My 1st Song
            The Prelude
            Lost Ones
            Do You Wanna Ride
            Minority Report
            Beach Chair
            Empire State
            So Ambitious
            Young Forever
            What We Talking About
            Already Home
            New Day
            Murder To Excellence
            Why I Love You
            No Church In The Wild
            Welcome To The Jungle
            Holy Grail
            Jayz Blue
            Nickels And Dimes
            Open Letter

            So is it Jay putting profit over artistic integrity or is it your too stupid to see Jay makes his profit because he’s music contains artistic integrity? Its ridiculous how idiots like you dont realize that even writing the song MOMENT OF CLARITY is the perfect example of artist integrity and a decade later you still dont understand it. Smh at your stupidity

          • biff tannen

            Or… it you being a nut hugging stan…….again


          • marty mcfly

            No id say its just another example of me shitting on your logic and any points you try to make by pointing out the obvious with factual based opinion. You lose again

          • biff tannen

            You have no logic, just blind love for anything jay does. Its hilarious.

          • marty mcfly

            Its not “blind” when I specifically name about 40 songs where clearly profit was not put above artistic integrity. Thats called showing proof that the kinda logic you use to make comments comes from the mind of a complete idiot. There’s nothing “blind” about it, there is a clear list of songs there that completely destroy your argument.

          • marty mcfly

            J Cole however has definitely put his artistic integrity in question. So much so that he wrote a song to Nas making excuses and blaming others for why in his own opinion he let him down.

          • marty mcfly

            When your a artist that makes songs about your real life then thats the realest form of artistry. Jay never had to weigh artistic integrity vs profit because his subject matter is based on his reality. The actual real life events of his life. Thats just called the truth and thats what you call making a profit from the response to your artistic integrity not putting profit over it and to be honest most great artists would agree that making a profit off your artistic integrity is a bit more “artistic” then making music that makes no profit (you’ll never be able to understand that point but thats just one to think about). Example. Its actually alot harder to make a song like Hard Knock Life then it is to make a song like Work Out from J Cole. Both were made for commercial success but Hard Knock Life has other deeper meanings to it. Thats what you call using artistic integrity for the profit not putting profit first.

          • disqus_xpmwx1oUV3

            Picasso baby being pretentious, did you watch the video and listen to the song. Every-time I see you getting butt-hurt about someone striking you’re favorite artist, you mention Jay like he is a trap rapper. GTFOH, J.Cole has a long way before he can match the creativity by Jay, that is true economics kid.

  • BathSaltZ0mbie .

    Thought the video was dumb as fuck until I saw Cole LMAO

  • disqus_pyrGXaSTDx

    cole haters finding any reason to hate lol but dude should use his imagination hes used in his videos and apply it to his songwriting some more.. classic cole mixtape tracks have lots of opportunitys for videos like this

    • biff tannen

      Co sign

  • Jo

    “She Knows” has always been about a woman knowing her man is cheating on her. Cole just took the video and flipped it to be from a kids perspective.

  • Jim Tim

    I’m really feeling this video

  • Jordan

    Who’s the actress?

    • Cam TexasBoy Perry

      her name is Rochelle Aytes. she was in madea’s family reunion and white chicks.

  • Chosen One

    Maybe the context is off a bit but it’s a dope video to me, the visuals make me appreciate the song more. Props to the director, it was filmed very well. Still, the wife was dumb, get a motel.

  • wealthistheword

    green ass jcole smashing out little mans moms… thats terrible

  • LIV3

    if you love hip hop and meaningful lyrics check me out at promise you will like it.

  • BKFlacco

    Mama did you fuck J Cole hahahahahah dope vid

  • Always thought this was a lowkey dope song.

    As for the “artistry” of this video:

    Video’s just a wink n’ nod to his overwhelming female fanbase. Video should be a prescription that gynecologists give to women that are tryin’ to stimulate estrogen growth or some shit.

    Dope song, Cults is dope; nah to this vid. Watch Cole stans thumb this shit down.

    And one more thing:


  • donchi

    I like the song and I think J Cole stepped it up a notch on this album. As far as visuals go I think Crooked smile he did too much to it to actual show the significance of that song. This was a little better I just think he tries to do a little too much with his videos

  • Cody Achter

    Damn mazing song amazing video! More people should take notes.

  • Pizza Steve

    Wow…. Perfect example of why Cole is one of the best artists out right now.

  • MusicHead

    His mom is a prostitute basically. Good video I just feel bad for the kid even tho the father prolly knew.

  • DjEdmund DaGeneral

    J Cole – She Knows (Cover) (feat.Al Bundy & Edmund DaGeneral)