Stream Pro Era’ ‘Secc$ Tap.e 2’ EP

blame it on Shake February 14, 2014

Now that #ProEraWeek has come to a close, Joey Bada$$ and company liberate each track as part of their Secc$ Tap.e 2 EP. Included on the seven-song project are Joey’s “Pantie Raid pt.2,” Kirk Knight’s “Pussy Facx” and five other cuts from the Brooklyn collective. Take a listen below.

  • desean

    whats with the downloads??

    • Translated

      If you click any of the songs on the soundcloud app above then press download it will proceed to do so.

  • Guest

    check out my freeverse over mos def’s mathematics Illthy (Prod. by DJ Premier) by L!V3

  • burgundy whip

    this is a pretty weak excuse for a mixtape…

  • Statethefacts

    this was an amazing PROject in my opinion

  • Sid Eudy
  • Bryan

    The ERA hit a lull now didn’t they? For as many dope members as they have they really not putting out enough quality material. CJ Fly tape was hot and the 1999 & PEEPs tape but everything else just seems like a hodge podge of shit they threw together. Dessy and Caution are nice as are some other members and they been around what like 3 years now? and none of them have a solo debut out yet but Joey and Cj Fly? not grindin enough if you ask me. They went from the hottest dudes out to the back burner need to get some buzz back