Big L, Rest In Peace!


Fifteen years ago to the day, we lost one of Rap's greatest, Lamont "Big L" Coleman. Harlem's illest dropped his debut, Lifestylez ov da Poor & Dangerous on March 28th, 1995, nearly nineteen years ago, and that album has stood the test of time and is considered a classic.

While we await the ever elusive and now highly-mythical Big L documentary, Street Struck which was announced almost six years ago (seriously, what's the deal with that?), enjoy these two Buckwild remixes of L's "M.V.P." plus a throwback video of L's first appearance on Yo! MTV Raps with mentor Lord Finesse.

Big L, Rest In Peace!

Big L - M.V.P. (Buckwild Remix 1)

Big L - M.V.P. (Buckwild Remix 2)

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  • pifff

    the illest no question

  • 1 of da best shows i seen in amsterdam from any mc he was so fucking clear

  • Mitch

    He, Big Pun, and Nas were the only real hip-hop artists left at the time. Once L passed (and Pun not too long after), it seemed like hip-hop truly died. The gritty beats and the real, true lyricism were gone. R.I.P. Mr. Coleman - I can't believe it's been 15 years already. You are truly missed, but your music lives on.

  • Sirilly

    Big L rest in peace in peace! *plays Full Clip*

  • BoRed

    "Put it on" is my 8th most played song on my itunes.. and that's saying something. Been spinning Lifestylez since middle school. RIP

  • Translated

    The artist many got their entire style from. Rest in peace BIG L.



  • Sid Eudy

    RIP Big L

  • Pizza Steve

    Definitely one of the best, hands down.


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