Mac Miller – Avian (Video)

blame it on JES7 February 15, 2014

Mac Miller unveils the visuals to track number two off Watching Movies With The Sound Off which was also produced by Miller under the pseudonym Larry Fisherman.

  • Crystalweed


  • snekkersten

    Mac Miller got handsome

  • Check

    cool concept… wonder if the dude in vid is a real guru lol

  • It’s kinda commendable how this Younger Pete-lookin’ ass nigga improved so much between his freshman album and his sophomore album.

    Mac ain’t really lyrical, but he makes up for it by finding the right sound and motif(a nigga said that) for his music.

    I applaud this man for that.

    Bravo, Miller, you Danny Tamberelli-lookin’ ass nigga.

    • Mez D

      Mac is pretty lyrical now imo. Especially his new shit. I used to hate his music and now I can’t wait till his new project.
      I’m curious if he lost alot of his original fans?

      • Tyler Reaux

        i dont know man i think hes just getting better lyrically, hes definatley not there yet, i feel liek he has room to improve. A lot of his subject matter was the same throughout the album. I didnt feel like his lyrics packed the delivery that they did on BSP. No doubt he has a new sound but i can tell you I’ve been a fan and follower for about 3 or 4 years now and i’ve stuck with him. I do miss his older stuff al lot but the thing about mac is he nevers sticks to one thing, hes interested in everything.

  • cam

    Top 2 album released in 2013

    • PV


  • bean

    this is dope as hell

  • Thomas Gregersen


  • Sid Eudy

    I like Mac on his conscious shit but I miss the “KIDS” version of him more. Still this shit is dope

  • Cody Achter

    Damn he flipped that UP sample like a boss

  • Pizza Steve

    lol Mac is that dude