• Ace Hood’s Rollie

    KTT with the W

  • wat

    I like it a lot. I think this should've been released as a totally different song. Now I feel like Charlie Wilson was underused in the official version.

    • Nicolas Thomas


    • anjt

      Hell yeah. I realized that when the video dropped including the Charlie Wilson start (and the fucking horses). Hit up YouTube and watch the live version of New Slaves at Jools Holland – you'll like it.

  • ♦[PharLeff]♦

    This sounds like the way it was played live at the concert minus the drums lol... Dope.

    I'm just gonna keep editing this for the multiple changes in the beat.

  • Josh

    The ending to this version is absolutely crazy

  • Gras Aap

    Good song, But why should you play this in the club?

  • DopeMusikDeala

    After hearing this I'm fully convinced rick Rubin took too much away from how great Yeezus could have been

    • anjt

      You didn't understand anything then.

  • Q Z A

    "you can fly on my aeroplane-wee" sample...



  • Ray

    That instrumental is from eternal sunshine of the spotless mind!! I'm pretty sure jay electronica also used that beat for his act 1!!

  • tony Lemarco

    Sounds A LOT like the last track off of Statik Selektah's Extended Play, "Home" that Talib Kweli spit over.