Eminem, Dr. Dre & Jimmy Iovine Cover XXL’s April/May Cover

blame it on Meka February 18, 2014

The three-headed monster of Interscope Records and Beats By Dre cover the house of Harris’ upcoming issue…

This month’s issue of XXL celebrates Beats Electronics with the first ever magazine cover featuring Dr. Dre, Jimmy Iovine and Eminem. Beats By Dre initially took over the industry with their headphones six years ago. Now Beats is at it again with the brand’s newest endeavor, Beats Music, a music streaming service which focuses on the curation of playlists by genre experts (including XXL). Eminem, one of the biggest artists under Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine’s direction, launched the promo for his most recent solo album The Marshall Mathers LP 2 with a Beats Music commercial, kicking off the campaign for the service, which is now available in the iTunes store.

In the magazine, Dre, Jimmy and Em reflect on the impact they have made on music of all genres though the Beats brand and how the streaming service could very well change the way fans consume their music.

The issue drops March 11th.

  • AmIDickRidingyet

    You know how married couples start looking like each other over time? Em is about to receive his deep pock marks too.

  • JemPage

    Lay off the Photoshop XXL. Em and Dre lookin like wax statues.

    • childof83 .

      yeah man that almost looks like a bad rendering of dre and em

  • Black Crime Rate

    These guys are lame they make mainstream pop music and put their corporate interests and the almighty dollar above artistry. They’re doing nothing to truly support, and represent the culture.

    At one point I believe they had some level of integrity, but that hasn’t been the case for years.

    • cam

      You’re absolutely right.

    • Pr!nce

      True statement, but here’s the flipside. I still give these men credit. I’d rather have Beats Music curating playlists to put people onto an artist than some rando ass machine at Spotify or Pandora.

      It’s not easy for them. The online streaming market is highly competitive and it’s a ballsy ass move for them to invest. (They could flop.) Beats has never hired engineers to write android/iOS apps so their experience on the technical side is in question.

      IMO it’s the same shit as Spotify with better recommendations. Think of it this way. Spotify asks Justin Timberlake to create a playlist. Dr. Dre asks him to create a playlist for him. Who would you be more entitled to pick?

      Despite all this, Google Play >

      I’m paying $7.99, and I don’t need curated lists cuz I find my own music. You sync a folder like dropbox and anything you download gets uploaded to the cloud.

  • LOL

    wheres dat detox shit man?

  • Fuck Jimmy Iovine. He looks like a bald, dyke Bea Arthur. I hate that Golden Girls-lookin fuckboy and his Elton John glasses.



  • Thomas Gregersen

    Dre and Em are starting to look old in a weird way. Whatever happened to ageing with grace?

  • anjt

    fuck this. if it aint about detox, i don’t wanna read about Dre.

  • Dave

    They drop the wackest cover ever before they drop the freshman cover. I see what they doing


  • SleepyTheGreat

    50 Gotta Feel Some Type of Way…….. He Just Has To.

  • Jonny Amo

    DROP DETOX. It supposed to drop in 2004-2005