• http://rapgenius.com/T9FTW T9FTW

    That was a nice verse from Tech but I feel like something's missing. Something about the hook is turning me away.

    Regardless, it's probably going to grow on me.

    EDIT: 7 hours later, it actually did grow on me. Watch out, 2dope, I'm the new Nostradamus.

  • BoRed

    I really enjoy the Collabo albums that strange puts out. MLK, Sickology, Welcome to Strangeland.. all dope. Also excited to hear Murs on Strange!

    • http://rapgenius.com/T9FTW T9FTW

      They are always dope, I agree!

  • ODM

    Nobody cares about this album

  • DC King Of Hearts

    I'M SUPER GEEKED FOR THIS!!!! And it sounds like Krizz's wife is singing too, which is a wonderful touch