• MoyoHambo

    Not gonna lie, this is a pretty hype Keef track

  • Mez D

    Who else expected a socially conscious track about saving young black kids from the dangers of Chiraq?

    lmao I'm not sure but I think he said "she give me top right before i shit" lol

    • NoWuff

      He didn't say anything, he lets his pistol talk.

    • LuckyMadeDaBeat

      "She gimme top before I jet"

  • Chris Brown

    "hey" x1000

  • ActLikeYouGotSomeSense

    This might as well had just been a Lex Luger instrumental

  • BoRed

    I think we just need to turn our backs on Keef music.. take away the beats and it really just sounds like a senile war veteran babbling to himself

    • Dave

      You a hater. Bang bang 3hunna

  • Pasm

    That beat is huge

  • AmIDickRidingyet

    Has Lex Luger used samples before? Every new beat I hear from dude is nothing like the last. He's really come far from the BMF days

    • Motion Fiction Media

      I've been feeling the same way for a while about his beats.

      • Pasm

        Yeah I have been enjoying his stuff since that Wacka song "realize the real". If you haven't peeped it you should!

    • LuckyMadeDaBeat

      Lucky Ass Bitch was a sample

    • https://soundcloud.com/iodyne Iodyne

      Trap God 1's Intro

      • LuckyMadeDaBeat


  • lol nope!

    This nigga songs only consist of adlibs.

  • Mohammad’sComing2GetYou

    hassallah ma bi8ani. kis emm l beyifham kelmeh..


    Imogen heap....?

    • heardithere1st

      i knew no one else would know this.. the sample is Katy Perry "Legendary Lovers" track off her new album.. very clever use of it

  • Chris Brown

    chief in a 2pac mode

    • Dave

      Word up all day everyday! !!!

      • Chris Brown



    Lex Luga>>>

  • fonzo517

    damn that beat is crazy

  • Fredo Santa

    Chief Keef was saved by Lex Luger