Chief Keef – Save Me (prod. Lex Luger)

blame it on Shake February 20, 2014

The Keefster links up with Lex Luger for his latest track “Save Me.” No word on where it will live, but both Chief’s Back From The Dead 2 and Bang pt.3 are on the way.

  • MoyoHambo

    Not gonna lie, this is a pretty hype Keef track

  • Mez D

    Who else expected a socially conscious track about saving young black kids from the dangers of Chiraq?

    lmao I’m not sure but I think he said “she give me top right before i shit” lol

    • NoWuff

      He didn’t say anything, he lets his pistol talk.

    • LuckyMadeDaBeat

      “She gimme top before I jet”

  • Chris Brown

    “hey” x1000

  • ActLikeYouGotSomeSense

    This might as well had just been a Lex Luger instrumental

  • BoRed

    I think we just need to turn our backs on Keef music.. take away the beats and it really just sounds like a senile war veteran babbling to himself

    • Dave

      You a hater. Bang bang 3hunna

  • Pasm

    That beat is huge

  • AmIDickRidingyet

    Has Lex Luger used samples before? Every new beat I hear from dude is nothing like the last. He’s really come far from the BMF days

    • Motion Fiction Media

      I’ve been feeling the same way for a while about his beats.

      • Pasm

        Yeah I have been enjoying his stuff since that Wacka song “realize the real”. If you haven’t peeped it you should!

    • LuckyMadeDaBeat

      Lucky Ass Bitch was a sample

    • Trap God 1’s Intro

      • LuckyMadeDaBeat


  • lol nope!

    This nigga songs only consist of adlibs.

  • Mohammad’sComing2GetYou

    hassallah ma bi8ani. kis emm l beyifham kelmeh..


    Imogen heap….?

    • heardithere1st

      i knew no one else would know this.. the sample is Katy Perry “Legendary Lovers” track off her new album.. very clever use of it

  • Chris Brown

    chief in a 2pac mode

    • Dave

      Word up all day everyday! !!!

      • Chris Brown



    Lex Luga>>>

  • fonzo517

    damn that beat is crazy

  • Fredo Santa

    Chief Keef was saved by Lex Luger