KiD CuDi to Play Ari Gold’s Assistant in ‘Entourage’ Movie

blame it on Shake February 20, 2014

As fans of the Entourage series know, Jeremy Piven Ari Gold’s beloved assistant Lloyd got the call to become an actual player in the game. A fact that left fans stumped when word got around that an official movie was being produced. Who would take the place of Ari’s bitch?

Enter KiD CuDi.

According to Deadline, CuDi — who is currently starring in Need For Speed alongside Jesse Pinkman Aaron Paul — will take the reigns and proceed to assist the Super Soaker-slinging agent in Entourage, the movie.

Music wise, don’t forget CuDi is planning the release of his “his best work” Satellite Flight LP sometime soon as well.

  • Kyle

    Good looks for Cudder.

  • dboss22

    Wait, what happened to Lloyd?

    • dboss22

      Nevermind, I’m dumb and forgot about the promotion

  • wealthistheword

    did HBO discontinue “How To Make It In America”?

    • Larry RseGld.

      unfortunately, yes.

    • Mez D

      Yeah, like 3 years ago. Sucks man I was really into the show and it was getting good.
      Cam and Luiz Guzman’s character were fuckin awesome

      • krow132

        just when Ben was fucking Yuri’s wife. That couldn’t have been a worse time to cancel the show

        • Saugdenstock

          yup, was actually interesting how they would handle Ben and Cam’s blow up with Yuri seeking revenge with some dirty tricks

          • Mez D

            Man fuck. and If I watch the episodes again there’s no ending.
            I just remembered Rasta Monsta vs the Rastas (and Pusha T) lol

          • krow132

            word and I think that storyline could have really tested Cam and Ben’s friendship cuz If they lost that deal when Yuri eventually found out that would be a big blow, but we’ll never know now

      • HBO fucked up so bad on that.. I’ve only ever heard people say it was awesome and they don’t understand why it was cancelled..

        • krow132

          probaly viewership i guess. It was a pretty niche show and it didn’t quite get the numbers Entourage was pulling in I’m assuming being that it was kind of an entourage replacement. And Im guessing HBO has less room for error then normal or cable tv networks do being that they are a premium channel

    • Dave

      Yeah and it was the saddest day in history

  • Sw15h

    Good choice by both sides.

  • Cam TexasBoy Perry

    does anyone think the need for speed movie will be any good or just a movie to hold us since fast 7 isn’t coming out til next year

    • Ghost Of Len Bias

      Hard to say, Aaron Paul is an unproven lead, and could very easily be a FF retread.

      Other hand, JESSE. PINKMAN. FAST. CARS. (and it was filmed in GA ayyyy)

  • california
  • Dave

    This is the greatest news i ever heard

  • Johnny Tarr

    so ari took the job..

    • krow132

      that must be it, and Vinny prob going to be filming the Scorsese flick