KYLE – View From Hollywood (Video)

blame it on Illy February 20, 2014

After his “Keep It Real” fame along with his “Fruit Snacks” and “Raining Love” videos, KYLE returns with croony-rappidity “View From Hollywood” off his Beautiful Loser mixtape.

  • dawkinslotto

    should have sold this song and beat to kendrick!!!

  • Thank Me

    Watched this with an open mind but I’m not really feeling this. Not hating I just didn’t like it, kinda corny.

    • LIV3

      thought i was the only one who thought this dude was corny

  • Meh if it was somebody else like chance the rapper ya’ll ride this songs dick. So objectively,

    its not so bad.

  • disqus_pyrGXaSTDx

    cudi drake the weeknd gambino all in one

  • Peezy

    I feel like this dude is trolling drake but we just dont know it yet.

  • Douglas Jamison

    This track is Decent…..

  • we’ll see doe

    its cool.. reminds me of frank ocean.. annnnddd i think Drake is cornier @thank_me:disqus

  • BHam2677

    shit sounds kinda dope even though name is corny as fuck and everything else about him is corny you can’t deny good music

  • Frank Kennedy

    I liked keep it real and his oceans song. Mainly cuz I’m fr
    Ventura. Was feeling the verses but this guy needs help with his hooks. He can make them, but half the time he comes off too.. Idk. Soft. Weird. Corny. A mixture of all the above? Drake found a decent balance, this guy not so much. Still will check for his new stuff doe.

  • Kerfluffleshit

    He looks like the dude Will Smith had to compete with in the episode on basketball

    • Prince Akeem

      LOOOOOOL and he let him win.