ScHoolboy Q – Break The Bank (Video)

blame it on Illy February 21, 2014

Directed by Jason Goldwatch, ScHoolboy Q delivers the latest set of visuals from Oxymoron. Press play up top and pre-order the LP on iTunes before it’s February 25th release.

  • Stevie Janowski

    Great Album by Q, get ready for the TDE Takeover

    • AndOneill

      Man the album is weak!! This is one of the better tracks, some of the songs are trash.. It was way over hyped!! Opinions tho man, some people will like it

      • McGlock

        the most who hate it probably don’t even like Q to begin with.

        • AndOneill

          Well not me man! I first listened to Q on setbacks! That was nice, went and got his old tapes aswell which had some jams, don’t get me wrong Q is dope but just not feelin the album,,

          • McGlock

            its a banger, don’t get how you don’t like it if you have listened since setbacks. he had those tracks on both of his last two albums.. this one is just a major improvement on a major label. I aint hearing anything like this by anyone.

          • AndOneill

            It’s not that I dont like it, as in I hate it! Just its weaker then I thought it was gonna be, he said its the darkest shit he has made! Which it is, ya cant even compare it to setbacks! Listen to this album then go check setbacks, his sound was different then, better in my opinion! I’m still gonna listen anyway cause it might grow, the biggest disapointment is los awesome feat jay rock! That is straight trash,

          • disqus_xpmwx1oUV3

            This is the same Q, you are just a hipster ass nigga. He has a major label debut and you’re ass ran to the hills simple ass that. I am not trying to play you, but this project was amazing, to say it was garbage is pushing it honestly. Self made 3 was garbage and this album is better than self made 3, so I am not hearing this excuse, because he had some of his strongest production on this album yet.

          • AndOneill

            hipster?? What the fuck does that even mean! U said in one your comments people are over analysing the music these days! I think you are over analysing this C section,

        • disqus_xpmwx1oUV3

          I agree, most hate him because he is getting buzz and they are all hipstered up now. The same with people hating Kendrick now in wake of Macklemore, Hip-Hop fans are not really listening anymore, they are just trending off of popular opinions now. It used to be other musical genres doing this bullshit, now it caught up with Rap SMH.

      • Big V

        What are talking about ? The album is dope. You need to wake up and go listen to it again.

        • AndOneill

          I have been listening to it man! 3 or 4 times now, it might get better with a few more listens! What tracks do u think are dope man?? The best track to me is Blind threats, that has replay value! From the other tracks, none really stand out were I have to repeat it a few times!

          • Big V

            Prescription is really deep for a Q joint, I really dig it. Studio is dope to me, as well as Blind Threat, Break The Bank and Man of the Year is a banger. In the bonus track I really enjoyed Fuck LA. There isn’t one track that I hate per say. I truly like the vibe of that project, it’s really dark and gangsta.

          • marty mcfly

            I listen to the album once and probably will never listen again. I get it man, he’s poppin now and he got some alright beats and what not and he’s from TDE but lyrically I just cant lower the bar mentally enough to be entertained by the album. I like Banger and that wasn’t even on the album. All that other shit is like listening to a angry Juicy J with not much to talk about. It got some cool little bars here and there and every now in then he says some shit that actually took some kinda rational thought but Q on this album is like a Kurupt with very little lyrical ability just a bunch of cliche surface shit, yelling and Yak Yak Yak all over the place.

          • MusicHead

            You just TDE hater & Jay-Z dickrider you wouldn’t see or understand.

            8.5/10..dope ass dark album.

          • marty mcfly

            Idiots like you seem to think “dark” makes something dope? It doesn’t. Just cause an album leans more on dark sounds does not mean its good music. Its not horrible but its not dope either. Its just rhymes and beats with no real defined direction or meaning or importance. According to Q the album is about doing negative shit with a positive intention. Thats cool and everything but that dont mean the album is dope. If you think this is dope its probably cause you just like Q period cause musically of you impressed then you extremely easy to please.

          • marty mcfly

            and if you honestly give this album and 8.5 outta ten then everybody else’s albums must be perfect score classics then cause Id say this album is about a 4.5, maybe 5 outta ten.

          • MusicHead

            You mad? but you don’t like Q so of course wasn’t gon like the album.. U can’t tell Gangsta not dope , Studio, Prescription/Oxymoron, Break the Bank, Hoover dawg you can see the theme very well too, c’mon now, the album weakest song “Los Awesome” is even a grower..c’mon now..just go get the Target version & go re-listen to it..& comeback lol cause it’s actually dope musically as a whole, he don’t have to be strongest lyrically to make dope music..dumb ass. & he ain’t bad lyrically so it’s nothin that can hurt him I’m the department to affect his whole product..he makes dope ENJOYABLE music period. And this album better than MCHG..just to piss you off w/ facts. haha..

          • marty mcfly

            You keep assuming I dont like Q? As a matter a fact I do like some of his music but I just dont like this album. People always wanna say an album is a “grower” (pause)? Well that dont mean its dope. Its gangsta? Ok and? That dont mean its dope. It has a theme? Ok cool but that also dont mean the songs are that dope. You say “he doesn’t have to be the strongest lyrically”? Ok, that also doesn’t mean its dope. You wanna bring up Jayz but thats just dumb. Two things Jay clearly has is better rhymes and beats period. Anything you can say about Q in his defense really doesn’t do much to make his album sound better. Gangsta is meh, Yay Yay is dope, Man of the Year is meh, Studio is cool, Hell of a Night is ok and Blind Threats is cool but at best alot of this album is either meh or ok I guess… DOPE is something else and thats not really on this album. Some of these lyrics though are just ridiculous and not in a good way. You dont have to be super lyrical or even lyrical cause the bar is so low these days that if you just rhyme words thats good enough for this era but when you obviously just throwing shit together cause you know the fans really dont give a fuck what you saying, I cant act like I ignore the shit im sorry. This video was cool and Q makes gangsta rap so its supposed to be kinda ignorant and just very easy on bars but still…

          • marty mcfly

            An instrumental version of Oxymoron >>> The actual album

          • Chris Brown


          • disqus_xpmwx1oUV3

            Aim that, shoot that, pledge allegiance
            Kill mine, kill yours, make it even
            Soul need saving, Mr. Preacher
            I know I only come around when it’s Easter
            Funerals, Thanksgiving, Christmas time
            When I’m in jail or when my card declined
            Uh, will you answer me?
            Take me out of hell and make plans for me?
            Misery loves company, ain’t a surprise
            It was just me and my niggas, we was trying to survive

            These are some of the lyrics to Blind Threats, Q has bars you think because a nigga make backpack music they automatically have vivid bars. I heard some backpack rappers who are not this vivid, so again this came from a Gangster rapper from the New Age, don’t sleep.

            He took a beat made it a banger and put some well thought out lyrics in there, that mentions what many niggas do when they reach a point of desperation, but this album is garbage, this is what happens when Hip-hop fans hurt they’re brains by over-analyzing shit.

            Then I hear some mediocre ass wannabe Backpack MC, who is basic on the mic and niggas eat it up

          • disqus_xpmwx1oUV3

            I agree, these dudes are obviously biased and I am an Ab-Soul fan. He made a hard-hitting New Age Gangsta rap album that I think is phenomenal. If this was Ice-T some stupid 90’s enthusiast would be pissing himself, even his music was not that great, but people still dick ride him.

            The production was solid the lyrics and hooks were great, so again what was wrong with this album?

      • disqus_xpmwx1oUV3

        One of the better tracks on the album? This nigga had introspective songs like Prescription-Oxymoron, Hoover Street, also great songs Grooveline, Gangsta, Purge and the like, and this album was ass to you? This shit was far from garbage I do not think you can make a claim that it was straight trash. The hooks were incredible to boot as well, with some great lyrical presentation from one who makes New Age gangsta rap music.

        He is not a 2-chainz type rapper, that wannabe trendy and Backpack rap fans make him out to be. The hedonistic drug inspired hard knock lyrics were excellent.

        He has some thought out lyrics, but it is trendy in Rap now for everyone to be critics, when many of their favorite rappers was not this blunt or deep. I see nigga’s praising Alchemist for rapping, when Q is a better rapper so who really is dick riding, and for starters Lord Steppington was mediocre.

        Yet every Backpack fan was trying to act like that shit was grade A solid, my point is Q made a great album without prescribing to the trendy Backpack style of play, Freddie Gibbs makes street music and his shit is some of the best shit out right now.

        Balance is needed in Hip-Hop along with diversity, and I thought he bought it with this album, so all the hipsters can bump Oddisee if they do not agree.

        • AndOneill

          I was on about los Awesome been straight trash! Not the album, its all opinions man! Like I said in my first comment some people like it some people won’t! its not a bad album its just not gonna get much play from me, Q did his thing, just not as good as i thought it was gonna be, and Freddie gibbs is one of my favourite artists out, he is dope

  • Selorm Amuzu

    I can’t lie, I wasn’t feeling the video too much still a hard as tune!

  • Trill Cosby

    video was nicely directed and poorly edited. q looks lost in alot of these clips and its clear he borrowed his homie raiders jacket for the shoot (or vice versa). song still hard as fuck doe

  • malcyvelli

    I liked this, I liked this a lot


    cypers hills vibe in the hook. nice track.

  • It’s True Sorry

    Dope visual gave it tht 80-90s Cali feel makes tht song tht much better as well

  • Tino

    Groovy Q!! Album is fucking amazing!

  • Rob_Watts

    Thats watts up, he putting on for the city with this hood ass video! I was digging the theme & his ride or die chic rockin with him. And the vid shows u how real hood niggas look like not them other gimmick ass rappers excluding rock, nip & yg. If ur not from LA u wouldn’t understand.

  • rolldatbud420

    the song reminds me of a lost boyz track freaky tha on the hook and mr cheeks rapping

  • Jay Daniels

    When he said til kendrick move from the throne, the door closed on him while he was rappin’, musta been pacs ghost or somethin’ like nah Q go back inside Dot got this hahaha.. Fave song on the album this shits hard…

  • Pizza Steve


  • Nicolas Thomas

    Heard the album like 5 times now. It’s a good album. It has a couple misses (I can’t stand Los Awesome) but it’s definitely a solid album. 3.5/5 for me.

  • Frank Kennedy

    Only place you’ll find positive comments on oxymoron is the c section. Some of y’all ride TDE a little too hard. Still Can’t believe Q disappointed so hard. I guess there’s always ab soul.. If he ever drops.

  • lar$

    the album did have a lot of filler… but the goods songs are great

  • disqus_pyrGXaSTDx

    should of been a heist video going mad throwing cash everywhere from the safe deposit boxes..

  • Chris Brown

    hardest thing since get rich or die tryin

    • MusicHead

      Hmmm…I’ll get back at this a month from now lol..the stan in me like yea but the real in me like idk lol

    • marty mcfly

      What? LOL. You fucking delusional.

  • Kevin Tran

    I guess big Q fans are digging Oxymoron. I’m kinda disappointed. It’s not appealing to me. Maybe bcus I’m not about that life, I can’t really relate to that type of music anymore. However, Cilva Demo has been in heavy rotation for me . But, TDE has a deep team! Hopefully, Oxymoron can grow on me!

  • SonSon

    yeah, I was a bit underwhelmed on the initial listens..but its starting to grow on me..there’s some SURPRISE disappoints on here, but its only in the form of about 4 or 5 filler tracks..still I’ve yet to stop pressin play

  • Exhibit C

    I just listened to the album once and it sounds so far so good like I and most people expected. Trying to pick between Soul, Q and Kendrick is like trying to pick between Squirtle, Bulbasaur and Charmander in those old Pokemon games. All dope in their own way.

    • Thomas Gregersen

      Haha. Big ups for the Pokemon analogy!

    • Josh

      Damn no love for Jay Rock

      • Exhibit C

        Nothing personal my dude, I respect him and I honestly hope he outsells all of them when he drops. He just doesn’t have that x factor for me that the other 3 have. But I gotta admit he’s been killing his TDE guest features so maybe I’ll come around. He’s my favorite verse on most of their songs.

  • C.Lee

    The album is dope, may not be for everyone but I love it. It has plenty of content, good beats, good lyrics, and amazing flows and charisma, what’s not to like?

  • Ohms

    Just appreciate it for what it is. Why y’all trying to dissect the shit this ain’t biology class. with your wanna be hiphop critic ass. fuck. lol “gee willikers Q ain’t lyrical enough ho hum I’m sad now”

  • It was okay. I was REALLY hoping for a better album because he and others hyped it so much. Is it a terrible album? No. It’s just not THAT great. If he had better music/production, I think it would be a lot better. He has the skills and the flow. I loved Yay Yay and Man of The Year. I was really hoping for some super throwback westcoast shit. He just didn’t deliver.

  • Ohms

    this is cool

  • JohnDoe916

    School boy Q’s koo.